Finding my Bliss

Monday, 1 April 2013


Like the emergence of this image,
through focusing on subtle change as the sun faded away,
so too spring seems to be just nudging its way forward very subtly this year,
we're hardly noticing the change, but we know change is here, it is inevitable, it must be.
I'm honouring my own subtle changes too, within and without, for they must take place!
I'm looking for the subtle beauty in everything.


Stephanie said...

yes yes
subtle changes taking place...
more snow likely but those tender green tips continue to push.

rebecca said...

what is more profound than the force of love made visible in the unfurling of spring. i hope your own changes are filled with light, comfort and ease.

Miss Robyn said...

subtle changes.. so much more peaceful that sudden.. your photo - Divine. thankyou xo _/\_

suzanne said...

somedays it is the subtle beauty that carries us through the hardest of days. here's to noticing the subtle