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A heart Full of Mary Love

Today was an unusual day for me,
I caught public transport to a nearby city,
I sometimes do this when I'm feeling a bit low
a break from the norm seems to shift my perspective.

On these outings I'm usually preoccupied with eye candy,
what's new in the stores, arty things I don't see locally.
Today was different,
since my own brush with vulnerability
the human landscape of suffering seems to easily catch my attention.

I had to rest in the shopping mall a couple of times,
in so doing I noticed all the ones with some-kind of problem.
Several women crossed my path shuffling along with their walking aids,
it made me wonder how I had never really focused for long on their plight before!

I felt a huge heart of compassion for these folk,
an interconnectedness, we're all in this together kind of feeling.
I got to wondering why I had never felt quite this way before,
and of course it is because I had not been touched personally, I hadn't felt their discomfort.
But now I understand having been in their position shuffling along and feeling vulnerable!
Now I understand the gift of vulnerability the fruit of compassion and love
that so many have gained through walking in the same footsteps.

My shopping bag was empty on my return from the big city but my heart was full of Mary love!

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rebecca said…
dear sue,
you are speaking straight from your heart, and also from mine. i think of great her suffering, so boundless her compassion.
i am that shuffling aging woman. i am the one who lives fully know full well i am dying.
it can bring one to complete compassion. it does serve one to feel their heart is breaking for the fullness of love and regard...while their bag is empty.
your post places us as sisters, kindred spirits...completely and overwhelming aligned.
Stephanie said…
I love that you set out on this journey...not knowing what you would encounter. Your open and compassionate heart, your eyes seeking out those struggling is a beautiful lesson for us all.
peggy gatto said…
Very special thoughts from you. Since I am older and a senior I view age differently now. I will be there shuffling I hope!
There are worse things in this world than an empty shopping bag. An empty heart is one of them.

Lizbethem said…
A great, thoughtful post that was also thought inspiring. Thank you.xx
So heartfelt Sue! Yes, I agree, when we get in touch with our own "suffering"/struggles, physical or emotionally, we *feel* the pain of others more; we *see* their suffering in a different way... I also love that when you are feeling low you go out to "meet" the suffering in others - silently, just noticing, just seeing it... This is a wonderful post. And I am suddenly wanting to be more *aware* of those around me who struggle as well... Thank you :)
judie said…
Very spiritual thoughts in this post. You said a whole lot, and made me stop and think. Thank you for these moments.
Miss Robyn said…
as the heart opens, more is revealed to our eyes xo
Annie said…
Life definitely opens our eyes after a while. For some, it is sooner rather than later. You received a wonderful blessing from Mother Mary, the blessing, the gift, of slowing your life for a moment and seeing the lives of others. And, experiencing compassion.
Cat said…
this is a beautiful post
I love your soulful view
being able to move past ourselves is such a key to whole hearted living

what a wonderful day you had Sue!

upon reading this I thought you might like this post I just read

love and light
Starr Sonam said…
It only takes one second and ones world opens up, we can see the things we have missed upon our way... you speak of a magic the discoveries are the best things of life. breathtaking images too. x
Introverted Art said…
This is such a powerful post Sue. To me however, I always look at the aids, more than the people being aided. Aids are bought love and attention for those whose families can't take care of them, but can pay for one. They are many times, treated as the help at low wages. I was recently at a meeting with the executive team of a group that offers exactly that: aids for the elderly and they are talked about as a cumbersome necessity... sad.
rebecca said…
it is crazy windy here today. i finally placed a single photo up for postcards from paradise hoping for some sweetheart company; of which you would be most treasured!

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