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Friday, 30 November 2012

Minding the Gap

Let go of struggling
resolve to find clarity 
flee from one's own head

 Though I was a keen knitter years ago 
I couldn't master this loopy stitch pattern this week,
instead I was turning loopy myself!
 It had a strangle hold over me.
For two hours or so I determined to 
think it through, 
struggling the technique formula,
finally failing dismally 
I pulled the whole lot off the needles in frustration! 
I went away, left the struggle, 
but a curious thing then happened
as I stood with a quiet mind
 clarity and resolution appeared, fully formed!
Much the same as struggling with anything in life I find
getting out of one's own head 
allows for clarity! 

They call it 'minding the gap'.
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Delphyne said...

This is really terrific - love your commentary, too. It's true for me that walking away from something that seems so convoluted, such a tangled mess often leads to the solution.

Cat said...

oh how I understand these words Suey
so much so
it is so true, stepping back allows space and space allowing stillness and stillness allows healing...♥

love the colours of the yarn!
have a wonderful weekend filled with peace and learning

love and light

Monica said...


i know, that despite trusting my intuition, i have to remind myself to step away, to allow clarity to come. i also sit there struggling to make head-sense out of something. then i wise up ;)

Karen said...

Oh, this is a terrific haiku and great advice!

Dawn Elliott said...

I do believe that we'd all fare much better if we could 'get out of our heads' regularly...but how? Maybe initial frustration is the key!?! Great photo!

Mystic Meandering said...

Such a wonderful reminder - stepping back until clarity appears - "standing in the quiet mind" - love that. Will be practicing a lot of this, this Season. :)

Lea said...

To be free in this way, in the moment to moment, is a practice, like knitting, and you have woven your words well for us today Sue! Thank you! I hope I remember to think on your words today, for they are just what I needed!

gma said...

I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with a problem solved and find clarity. Our minds get in our way sometimes. Beautiful thoughts and haiku.

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

...'flee from one;s own head ~ wonderful haiku and example of your feelings and thinking ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

Laura said...

such magnificent wisdom... nothing like direct experience to learn what we need to learn!

Stephanie said...

Always wonderful words to remember day by day here Sue.

I am struggling with computer problems...must step back, go for a walk, get away from it!!!

rebecca said...

my darling one,

i have been so absent from the blogging world...barley keeping up with my lovely haiku buddies!
i have been thinking of you so much sue. i hope you and yours are happy and well. even as busy as i am right now i am hosting a virgin a day for the first twelve days of december.
maybe you will pop in and enjoy the peace of it all.
your project is gorgeous, as are you!

sending you big love.