Finding my Bliss

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Spiritual Sunday ~ Thankful

All things bright and beautiful

All creatures great and small

All things wise and wonderful

I'm thankful for them All
Today has been one of those lazy Sunday afternoon days, 
I must admit to being in PJ's till noon,
got sidetracked by these beauties,
am sending my postcards to ~

Postcards from Paradise


Stephanie said...

no better way to spend a Sunday than enjoying these beautiful in hand.


Meri said...

Splendid -- from the photos to the lazy Sunday.

rebecca said...


all the dark wings against the bright petals..the mysterious shadow and light!

thank you for filling me with the beauty of your slow rolling morning.
(paradise truly is anywhere you can wear your bedclothes, i am all about that!!!)

somepinkflowers said...

whilst you played in PJs,
i tidied up my garden
and saw
similar beauties...

i feel so fortunate,
don't you?

somepinkflowers said...

{{ PS--
i like how your photos
are so large
& detailed
with goodness!
saw somepinkflower love
here today, missy! }}

Dawn Elliott said...

The eternal signs of summer...butterflies, flowers, bumblebees, and lazy Sundays...awesome!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Fantastic photos ~ love the flowers and butterfly ~ (A Creative Harbor)

gma said...

Oh what beauty. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Mama Zen said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Annie said...

I was fascinated by that first butterfly. Have never seen its like. And those blue/gray flowers are so pretty? What are they?

Charis said...

Gorgeous gorgeous photographs!

Cat said...

beautiful Miss Foxy!
a good day to return♥
days like this are a treasure
so nice that you shared it with us

love and light