Finding my Bliss

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sifting & Sorting

Today I'm sifting and sorting,
clearing out clutter from my mind.
Things from the past that no longer fit,
or good for purpose, 
I examine their worth
under the lens of Spirit and self,
with fresh eyes.

I'm creating space to focus
on the soft fragments 
of what remain.
I wish to wear this life as a 
"loose fitting garment",
so that I may move more freely
 and at ease with self.


Stephanie said...

I love how your words seem to always touch so closely to my life. Perhaps they are universal, these breezy wisps of wisdom.


Monica said...

" I wish to wear this life as a
"loose fitting garment""


sperlygirl said...

yes! it's so liberating isn't it...completely freeing

Introverted Art said...

Sue, these images are inspirational, peaceful and wholesome. And your words are always as perfect.