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My Joyful Ordinary Day

It was an ordinary day, 
yet is was no ordinary day.

The warm sun was kind to my face,
while the cool breeze from the open window 
bathed my neck.

The view from my seat was brilliant
like someone had switched from monochrome
to HD colour and I was fully tuned in.

I wanted to make this day count,
so at every stop I captured

the moments, like when the lady wearing white trousers
that mysteriously reflected on my window alighted the bus and
when the lady in the white sun top boarded, the breeze blowing her fragrance before.

My senses were on full alert,
I felt so receptive to life, it felt like
life was smacking me in the face
like the splashing of cold water
on a perspiring forehead,
a wonderful

I felt so intimately
connected to life and
all that was going on
around me after what seemed
like a period of disconnection.

As I neared the end of my
sacred ordinary journey, thinking
about all of the young people
getting on and off the bus,
I began to think of my life's journey
being quite away down the road
from these folks, how it seems to be whizzing by.

I suppose the last stop
was most painfully poignant
<~ but the most beautiful capture of the day I think,
 don't you agree?  

Journey's end, Nottingham,  
a university city   
famous for visual arts.
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This is beautiful! I loved every minute of experiencing your "joyful ordinary day!" The photos are wonderful! Poignant. The last one (the dress) made me laugh... Thank you for sharing your "joy filled ordinary day" lol...
Annie said…
Dear Sue,

You have captured so many passing moments that live in the instant and then are gone. No sooner to we reach the future, than it becomes the past. Blink once, and the moments are gone. Did the tight grimace become a smile; did the ponytail flip as a hanky rose up to wipe a hot nape? You have truly honored the instant and yes, she, at the end, imparts a very poignant mood.

Cat said…
what a beautiful things to do
being intent about every moment
so good for the soul
we should all do more of this
thanks Sue!

love and light
Dina Lettre said…
This is really lovely!
Stephanie said…
every word, every image...such a perfect fit.

Life rushes by but each of it's joyful ordinary moments should make us stop and look and breath.

GrandmaK said…
Amazing post! Kept me anticipating the next words. Thank you for sharing this!!! Cathy
Meri said…
A great metaphorical journey. So amazing.
rebecca said…
my darling friend,

pure soul poetry...i could feel your heart connection to every electric moment. this is the "sweet spot" when everything aligns and we live the pure wisdom that we are all inextricably bound to each other. thank you for capturing this aliveness so vividly in your loving life words and perfect photo holygrams.

sending you full present love from the mountains of arizona.

sperlygirl said…
isn't that just the truth...a blur of color from out the window...years, lifetimes, passing by like mile markers along the road. such a beautiful capture in word and image here, sue. xx
Monica said…
thanks you for taking us with you!
my eyes and heart are drawn to the greeness behind a few of those shots.
Deb Crecelius said…
A montage metaphor of life;
your words are beautiful poetry.

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