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Haiku my Heart #45 ~ Home Comforts

The fox was rumbled,
ground moved from under his feet,
he's looking for home!
Coming back from hospital in the dark
we were confronted by a fox
on our bridge in the headlights.

This is unusual for they usually stay in the woods
a good way behind the house,
now a new landscape is being formed
making way for the pond
his habitat has been disturbed.

What does home mean to you?
I think of Joe Spadoman returning 
home from hospital, how comforting 
home must feel for him today!

 Recently my married son said of home:

"home is wherever Karen and Isla (dog) are,
whether that's at my house
or in the back of my camper van".

This was lovely to hear
from my youngest son,
 baby of the family now a man
 honouring his wife in this way!
Then there is the 'home' we have 
made here on-line, it feels just like going home
returning week upon week
to the familiar to say hello to everyone, 
knowing it is a place to just be,
a place of acceptance and love. 

They say 'home is where the heart is',
I must say there is plenty of heart here!
Haiku my Heart 


somepinkflowers said…
{{ do you realize
U share your
~Home Comforts~

who pop in
from ~~Outer ~~Space
know we R welcomed?

i was just

U do }}

rebecca said…
my dear sweet sue,

how fitting you would include a fox in welcoming our joe home. after all he affectionately calls you foxysue!
i love that you are reflecting on the deep comfort of a home, and how we create homes for our souls in the hearts of those we love.
today i am sitting in the bright comfort of knowing joe is home with his family and here with us. i am grateful for the depth of caring shared by all those who open their hearts in courage and give willingly to others.
today i am also deeply happy to welcome charlotte to haiku my heart. and so the circle grows!
Kim Mailhot said…
That you for sharing your heart home so beautifully with us !
It was lovely to meet your Charlotte today too.
Much love and light to you, Lovely One !
Marit said…
What a beautiful post! You made me feel right at home! Thanks for the invite and warm welcome into your world.
Monica said…
i always love when an animal pops out of the woods during one of our drives. although i always worry they will be hit by someone. we see foxes once in a while.

home to me is a place of grounding. a specific Land.
Stephanie said…
Sue, I echo your thoughts...I feel such comfort here, like home. Home comes from a content heart and I am happy to be part of this global home.
deb did it said…
home is where the heart is. true. and I feel at home every-time I visit my bloggyhood. Thanks you for such a heartfelt post
Noelle Renee said…
Dearest Sue,
I feel such comfort in seeing images of your home and your homeland. You experienced an important homecoming too and I am so glad for you. I am glad for your comfort, glad for your daughter's presence and safety, happy for Joe's homecoming and happy we are all connected in heart and hearth.
Dawn Elliott said…
Home is the where we can feel safe and cherished and loved, surrounded by our family, pets, and memories. I so enjoyed your tribute to home today - very comforting!
Cheryl said…
I moved away for a job a couple years ago. One day, one of my friends asked me if I was ready to come home yet. And it was at that moment I realized where my home was and is because I moved back here to the Pacific NW. So, yes, I know what and where home is.
Charlotte said…
Homer sweeter homer

GYamato said…
Cozy, bright and much more comfortable with Spadoman back in place...
Rosie said…
Dear Sue,
You are welcome to a cuddle from the bog boy! He's lovely, isn't he? Lol!

I expect most of the wildlife will watch with interest as the "pond" becomes a small lake and their habitat undergoes change.

I love what your son said - so true! I have lived all over Europe with Nick and our daughter, since she was little and it didn't matter at all where we lived. My home is wherever he/they are, and always will be. =)
Have a great weekend!
Rosie xo

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