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Haiku my Heart #43 ~ Haiku Therapy

It's been an eventful few weeks
 happy mingled with sad,
I'm learning to just be with it all.

Today is Haiku my Heart poetry day
hosted by Rebecca
over at 

Haiku has become a weekly treat, a kind of 
therapy for me on Friday.

The Therapy Begins
I'm going to my picture file as I write
to see which image stands out and speaks to me,
after that I know the words
will just tumble out!

Life is a journey,
the grass is not always green,
I'm checking my stride!

I've had this image for ages, 
a window reflection caught in a poster,
 it captured my attention whilst out shopping
 I knew it had a hidden meaning!


Monica said…
you have such an eye for reflections!

i hope things continue to balance themselves.
anthonynorth said…
I'm a great believer that we can thrive thru adversity, if we have the will.

You'll find mine here.
Leo said…
Wow! That's a beautiful haiku, so true too!

Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason
Nanka said…
So much truth!! Well done and perfect art work too!! Yes it only seems greener on the other side!! Impulsiveness to jump to conclusions is not exercising prudence!!
Spadoman said…
That haiku has a lot of meaning. The first two lines are facts. The last is good advice on any level.

peggy gatto said…
I see and I really like the reflection!
rebecca said…
dear sue,

i love your approach to life and to writing haiku.
i love your trust and willingness to follow your instincts. to be inspired by a visual reference ...and allow the words to come to you is the same trust that allows you to find peace within as life unfolds.

i am always lifted in your presence.
Ramesh Sood said…
Good one.. its always a happy decsion to check one's stride now and then.. and its alright if Grass is not always's OK..
Kim Mailhot said…
Thank you for sharing your process with us, lovely Sue! I loved learning that.
I too am always so thankful for the Haiku Therapy each Friday. This connection of hearts as well as the creative process itself brings me into the present moment so well.
Light and love to you, my Haiku Friend !
Stephanie said…
There is always the up and the down isn't there. What synchronicity that you had captured this image and it appeared to you when you needed it.
Love how you trusted your intuition to find the image and then the words did tumble out.

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