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Abstract Distract

There has been sad news,
two deaths in my family this week,
not close family but nevertheless close enough.

Light therapy is a wonderful thing,
absorbing the colours, reflections and shapes.
Contemplating the words. 
I love text and in particular this new text toy,
part of Picnik editing suite via Picasa,
the colour combinations
are endless using
the drop-down menu
What a difference a little light therapy makes!


Irene Rafael said…
Oh, I am sorry for your loss. It is so difficult losing people in our circle. I am glad you have found something to ease your grief. Take care.
Monica said…
i'm sorry to hear that. takes it toll, so many emotions amongst the rest of the family...

yes, light, colour = therapy.

love that last photo.
rebecca said…
holding you and yours in love and compassion.
Miss Robyn said…
sending love xoxo
I am going to art therapy sessions at the moment.. I love it - lots of healing too xo
Carola Bartz said…
Oh, Sue I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I'm sending you hugs, wish I could do more. Yes, a little light can do a lot.
Charlotte said…
The part about the loss being 'close enough' resonates with me too. I wish I'd have spent more time and effort with these people and now its too late. A lesson have learned for those in my closer circle.

Love Charlie-Lou x
Absurd Grace said…
Sending love YOUR way, too.

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