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Monday, 17 February 2014

Sacred Traversing #3

More Clarity Needed for the Voyage...

I think it appropriate to expand and clarify a little more on my previous 'Sacred Traversing' post before traveling on!

Because of wanting to be transparent and authentic in my last post I ended up exposing deep hurt from the past and feeling vulnerable, perhaps even coming over as preachy! God forbid! You may have noted I had felt grievous about my former 'religious life' resulting in a lot of excavation and deconstruction work.  For the most part I have let go of the past and perhaps this is my time and place to draw closure through my 'Sacred Traversing!  For as Deepak Chopra points out our 'intentions' must not come from a grievous place! This would in-fact be serving the ego!  However, I do think we can learn lessons from the past, come to new conclusions, then shine a light on our story, that this may be of encouragement to others!

In that post I drew attention to my experience with 'religious dogma' to illustrate some of the ways I can still fall into this same trap, I do have a tendency to get fully drawn into my reading experience and spiritual programmes hook, line and sinker, I have to be on guard that I don't fall into the same trap!

By extension and taking this to the physical plane I can easily find myself with a list of 'should dos' as long as my arm, things I imagine I can fit into my day! Resulting in fatigue and exhaustion then despondency can set in and even worse, feeling like a failure! This is something I hate as it reminds me of the past, 'no matter how hard I was trying it never felt enough'! So I have learned a valuable lesson from my past, now I am 'easier' on myself, show more love and kindness to myself and for me 'love', 'kindness' and 'easier' means to think about the principle behind the suggestions of any reading etc. After first understanding the suggester's good intention and if it resonates, I try to relax about the specific details and commit the principle to my mind/soul.  In my experience once relaxed with good intentions I notice they start to peculate and surface naturally, nudging me in their direction like, 'time to meditate', 'time to exercise', whatever I have committed to. It is almost like the interconnected soul/mind/body has a natural organizing capacity to do that! I find looking back that my own natural rhythm starts to kick in and a healthy pattern, practice develops. I no longer beat myself up over anything and incidentally yoga has taught me such a lot about how to treat myself for the word  'ahimsa' often used in yoga means no harm to self or others, but compassion, see ~>   Ahimsa

However, having said that from time to time a practice may go awry, or I might decide it is no longer appropriate for my spiritual evolution.  I am the 'captain of my own ship' and have the ability either to re-commit, 'steer my ship back' to the intention, or 're-route my ship'!  After I see things more clearly or from a different perspective I can align more accurately to my own truth, knowing this is only my version of reality at any given time! This I have learned from my Sacred Traversing so far!

On the subject 'Finding Truth Tellers' you might like to visit Simon Parke, he has a wonderful way of explaining the subject! Of-course from his perspective! ~ Simon Parke.


Patricia Turner said...

I do love your imagery Susan! Do you begin with a photograph? I also love your phrase, "sailing my own ship". I've always used Louisa May Alcott's metaphor of "paddling my own canoe"!

Anne Jeffries said...

I notice you have used this image a couple of times, Susan. The first was blue and conveys a soberness that is missing in this most recent expression. The yellow is so light and glowing; warm and inviting. Security in God's love, even when we turn away from organized religion, will give us that light and glow and warmth and extension of friendship that we all crave. Light and love to you. Annie

Mystic Meandering said...

Yes, shining the light on our stories is very healing :) I too must be conscious that I don't fall into those same traps that you mention over and over again, including not feeling "good enough" or that I'm not doing it "right." It is a challenge once one has been so ingrained in the "dogma" of religion. I have found sitting in meditative Silence so helpful in this area, without making that into a "dogma" too! :) But just to keep returning to Divine Silence, and getting in touch with that inner, intuitive Voice,really helps to keep us aligned and following the "natural rhythms" - and riding those waves. :)