Finding my Bliss

Friday, 21 February 2014

Lemons for my Honey

We think we might both have the residue of a virus,
initially we thought it was a common cold, but no we don't seem to be shaking this thing off!
More lemon and honey needed, but hey whilst my love keeps singing in his deep morning under-tone, '
all's well' really, and this morning the sun is out, almost spring time, I'm thinking!

Lemon & Honey
the bitter sweet taste of life
the sum of all parts....


suzanne said...

it seems to be going around - take good care!!!

Mystic Meandering said...

Sorry to hear of your lingering ailment :( Could it be a mold issue with all the rain lately? Maybe the sunshine will help :) Glad it showed itself today... Be Well...

Stephanie said...

more on the sweet side I'd say...

with your lovely photo

drink it in, rest, sit in the well.