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Sacred Traversing #1

To the Land of Milk & Honey...

Oh I love writing blog posts on the hoof...
this is a timely pun on the Day of the Chinese New Year ~ The Year of the Horse!
Speaking of which ~ travel ~ I have come across this lovely Website
focusing on Sacred Journeys that feature guest pilgrims.
You can visit here... A Sacred Journey

This reading at Sacred Journeys has opened up more than I bargained for ~
for it touches on my personal journey, where I am at the moment in my relationship to the Divine.
I have spoken a lot about this relationship through my photography and daily life, but I have never exposed my soft-soul underbelly with regard to how I traveled to this point in time! In line with my New Year's words, 'Brave' 'Action' 'Truth' I am opening up to speaking my truth more.  I have been living in the moments meditating on heart centering prayer, focusing on 'clarity'.  I feel very vulnerable saying what I do, but certain things seem to be clearly falling into place for me, I think steadily but nevertheless incrementally I am moving forward.

I am beginning to make sense of 'now' and my past life where I was totally obsessed by a particular religious way of life that I have never expressed before!  It has taken many years to deconstruct some of the details of this dogma. I say some 'deconstruction' because much of what I learned is still congruent with my own truth... However, some twenty odd years ago I came to a full stop with this way of life, a complete halt to everything my life had been for the previous twenty years, it is only 'now' that I am beginning to make sense of it all. This was a difficult decision and I nearly lost my sanity over it due to no longer wanting to live a life not fully aligned to my truth!  Yes I had to be very brave at the time because every aspect of my life was bound up in this belief system, I had in-fact signed over my soul to an all embracing way of life, 'there was no life' on the outside!  My family and friends had all been within the bounds of the religion, although my grown up children were making their own way independently of these beliefs, but everything I had known would now be different and I would be spurned if I left!  It was a very difficult turnaround, rather like the QEII ship navigating a turn after realizing she was not going in the right direction! 

Since, I've been through very rough and uncharted waters steadily gaining strength, although at times I became a little shaky and looked back with longing to the perceived security of the place I'd left behind, thinking about the 'cocoon' I'd been cradled in with fellow believers for many years.  Now on my own with my own thoughts, my own path and destiny, I felt very scared but knew I had to be brave and travel on!  So today I am putting the pieces together, I have done a lot, and I mean a lot of research into philosophies, personal development and other belief systems, I'm feeling the mists are clearing, I feel my prayers are being answered, I feel clarity is merging. Part of my BRAVE will be to continue to post about this 'Sacred Traversing', not to identify any path of 'Ultimate Truth' only our unique Views!
You may like to join in, I hope you do...!

BTW:  I have mentioned before about my 'intuitive photography', when something catches my eye as with the above image, I don't know why but I have to pick up the camera to pull this view in for safe keeping! The image can sit in my picture file for days and then when I start to write a post of my heart the image speaks again, it says ~>~>~>
me, me, post me.... :~)xxx

PPS: (in-case you can't make the image out, it is my kettle sitting on the window ledge
 reflecting the window view with hand soap milk & honey.)


Patricia Turner said…
I'm so glad you've discovered A Sacred Journey! Wonderful site. I will be the "Pilgrim in Residence" in June as I talk about my "Threshold Pilgrimage" to three thin places in Scotland and Ireland. All journeying can be sacred if done with intention. Distance doesn't make a pilgrim inner devotion does. Safe journeys wherever you go!
Your "Sacred Journey" sounds intriguing!... Am do glad you are sharing it and that it is bringing you what you need at this time in your life! These "journey" are certainly times of vulnerability and bravery. :) But it's worth it! And for sure it is a process of "deconstruction." I have found that true for myself as well. But what a lovely "deconstruction" that turns into a beautiful opening in the Truth of who we really are... Love your photo!
Monica G. M said…
i sensed your journeying, your questioning, pondering, tasting, doubting, re-grouping... behind your sensitive and thought-provoking images and words.

i hope i catch more glimpses as you allow them.
suzanne said…
having always felt more of a wanderer, seeker...i understand. answers and more questions seem to unfold along the way, and i am okay with that as it gives me opportunity to appreciate perspective. may your journey bring you peace...

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