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To Be Seen

The gift of seeing
is precious like no other,
thanks for seeing me!

If there is anything more precious than really being seen, then tell me about it....
To be seen and loved for who you are is such a soul affirming joy.
I feel so privileged to have friends like this...
My heart is overflowing with gratitude,
I'll haiku forever...

Haiku my Heart
Recuerda mi Corazon


Cathy Keller said…
Wow! Wonderfully said!!! The silhouette and the words are wed in such beauty! Wishing you well! Cathy
Charlotte said…
It's always good to have someone in your life that makes you smile even when they're not around.

Beautiful imagery as ever Mum.

Kim Mailhot said…
I share your gratitude.
You are a beautiful sight to behold, Sue.
Happy and joyful Friday to you !
rebecca said…
gorgeous salutation from your heart. so true dear friend. to truly be seen and to be heard is so affirming.
we may be a sea away but we are always in each others soul pocket!

thank you for filling me with your beauty.

Stephanie said…
oh Sue,
Just another beautiful Haiku and image.

Happiest wishes for a wonderful weekend.
Monica B said…
i don't know you, and yet i see you, i hear you. and am glad to be doing so. x
gma said…
Your vulnerability
allows us to really see you and appreciate your authenticity.
So true ~ what a magnificent haiku and fantastic photo!
Laura said…
beautiful, beautiful wisdom... and perhaps to be heard as well, truly listened to... perhaps it is the same thing.
So true, it is comforting to be *really seen* without judgment; to be seen for who we truly are - our essence/soul/spirit, and have that reflected back to us. Your artistic photos reflect your authentic spirit within. I often feel like an alien in both families (mine and B's) as they cannot *see* beyond the surface. And I often feel I need to hide, to not be vulnerable... Kudos to you for shining your light! :) Heart Hugs
Barbara said…
Your haiku spoke to me of seeing with the eyes of the heart! So beautiful when it happens!
How few are those in our lives who truly see us!

The Hanged Man
somepinkflowers said…
all ...

i see ♥
keishua said…
being seen and loved as one is the most beautiful thing.
kt40s said…
beautiful image and haiku! you have a lovely space over here:)

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