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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Flapping my Wings

My love has 'man flu' so I'm grounded,
my butterfly wings are being prepared for flight.
Just as soon as his eyes are dry,
we'll be up, up and away!


Our butterfly wings ~
free, outstretched, dry & weightless,
glinting in the sun.

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Monica B said...

when the universe halts me in my tracks, i tell myself (now!) to slow down even more. look around me, see what i'm supposed to be noticing, tending, or nurturing.

i'm liking the contrast of light and dark, flight and stillness.

Starr Sonam said...


Cathy Keller said...

Oh my! Yes, to soar!!! Wishing you well!! Cathy

Laura said...

beautiful! If you have any macros to share, (and you have computer access on your travels) I'd love it if you'd participate in I Heart Macro tomorrow evening:-)

Marit said...

Hope he's feeling well again and that you are on an avenurous flight!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

May the glint of those wings never become dull!

Haiku My Star

somepinkflowers said...

{{ magical photo, indeed,
one can travel Far
just by looking
deeply into it
here ♥ }}

best wishes
for a speedy recovery
with Wings Up ...

gma said...

All in good time shall be well.

anthonynorth said...

Sounds like an imminent journey.

rebecca said...

my darling,
the journey will be all the sweeter for the waiting.
slip me in your pocket and take me to the sea!

Karen said...

I hope you are both flying soon!

Kim Mailhot said...

Give him some good man pampering so he heals up quickly!
Fly soon, Beautiful Butterfly!

Redondowriter said...

Fabulous photo and words. Ah, man flu, Hmmm. Dare I ask what that is?