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How does your garden grow?

My husband has oodles of energy, he tends to get a lot done in the garden,
whilst I'm always lacking in energy and find myself feeling overwhelmed.
To be honest a handkerchief garden would suit me better, unlike the two acres we have!
So the bulk of gardening gets done by my love,
which is fine since he was the one who pushed to live here!

The only problem is he's a bit of a top surface gardener, a little hoeing
here, tweaking the edges there, all the while beneath the surface those invasive type plants are
sending their spider web roots ever outward and our garden is fast becoming a jungle!

Yesterday whilst my love was away for the weekend, I suddenly had an urge to garden,
an energy rush.  I surprised and surpassed myself in his absence and without his well intentioned
"you'll never get those roots out of there" advice.  ;~)

At the end of the day I went indoors feeling wonderful at my new-found strength and vigour,

I couldn't help but analyse ~

and the moral of the story is this ~

If you tell yourself something or someone else tells you often enough you will believe it!!

I told myself I had no energy ~ false
He told me I would not be able to get those roots out ~ false

Lesson learned ~
challenge those old stories,
write new lines for yourself,
send your love away for the weekend once in a while!


Just to let you know, I will be on the road next week, the ocean is calling me and I must go!
Will be back soon, soon I say :~)xxx

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rebecca said…
did you feel me sending you love as i watered the newly burgeoning garden where dozens of the poppy seeds you so generously sent me are emerging as little green flames???
i am so happy seeing you have rewritten yourself back to the earth, under the sky, and happier still to know you are returning to the sea!
please tuck me in your pocket. there is so much i would love to share with you.
judie said…
What good advice that is, to not listen to others and make your own changes. Love that. Have fun on your trip. Leave a piece of yourself there like Some Pink Flowers did.
gma said…
Working in the earth is good for our soul & so is a visit to the sea. Glad you are doing soul care.
sending my love.
Monica B said…
re-write the stories, yes!!

i don't normally comment or read blogs on weekends, but iw as clearing out my reader and spotted your image, i just had to pop in and say how i adore this one, especially the composition.
Laura said…
I love this... I spent the past three days digging up over grown weeds with deep roots from our garden beds. Something I truly have not had the energy or strength to do for the past five years... but this year things are different and wow even planted some herbs, tomatoes and hot peppers along with freeing up our flowers. So empowering!
Stephanie said…
sometimes we are our own worst enemies. I also find when I'm exhausted it means...for me, that I need to get up and do something.

enjoy your ocean fix!!
Introverted Art said…
wow this is so beautiful... just amazingly good heart felt advice!
Anonymous said…
Wise words! Reminded me of Kermit's song, life is like a movie, write your own ending, keep believing...." Have a wonderful trip!Red
Meri said…
No wonder you need a rest at the ocean!
Challenging old stories is hard work--but worth it!

Sometimes Paradise…
Miss Robyn said…
enjoy your time away.. we are off too.. to the sea, up north to the heat, to see our grandchildren..
gardening is my absolute passion.. so glad you got out there and put your hands in Mother Earth, so healing xo
Cat said…

love and light
suzanne said…
needed to hear this today. valuable lesson indeed. and i think always there is so much to be learned from fingers stained with dirt. enjoy the sea when your love feels better - sending healthy vibes your way. i am nursing one sick little pirate, i understand. xx

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