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Mary of my Morning

Where I met Mary this week, this morning, please take a minute and discover
the essence of one beautiful soul ~>~>

Fiddle Sticks

Linking with ~>

Mornings with Mary
Recuerda mi Corazon


Starr Sonam said…
Thank you for enjoying my mind a little, I have pages of this sort of stuff which I try to spare my readers from on account of it's possible incomprehension. Truly you are encouraging and it is as if I have been listened to, have been heard... a powerful gift you have given me. again thank you
We often meet Mary where we least expect her!

Mary in Blue and Red
Priti.Lisa said…
Thank you for sharing...
the photo
and the fiddle sticks ♥
rebecca said…
good morning dear sue,
such a joy to see you here this morning! i love your eye for elusive beauty. thank you for your unique perception of mary love!
Norma Ruttan said…
a lovely subtle way to show Mary's love
Cat said…
thank you

love and light
Beautiful contemplative imagery... Reminds me of the subtle layers of Reality and the play, or interplay of shadow and light...
somepinkflowers said…
{{ thinking of you }}

Lizbethem said…
lovely photo art!xx
Annie said…
This is lovely. Sorry I got here so late this week.

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