Finding my Bliss

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


That's it, 
after months in the making
the final details ~
 shawl fringing trimmed, washed and aired,
waiting with the nursing chair
that has been lovingly upholstered by Grandpa Fox 
for the fox-cub, mum & dad.

 We've been told it will definitely be in use this time next week!


Miss Robyn said...

how exciting! thinking of you all xoxo
a shawl is such a sacred gift x

Karen Houghton said...

Fox Cub mum to be would like to thank FoxySue and Jo for all the hours spent on these lovely creations. How lucky we all are. Lots of love from Karen. xxx

somepinkflowers said...

just checking in
on shawl
& baby

thanks goodness
one is DONE!

{{chair is dreamy;
hoping to see
Someone sitting there
a New Being
soon }}

Introverted Art said...

oh my, how exciting!!!!!! The shawl is beautiful.