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Friday, 29 June 2012

Bitter Sweet

This bitter sweet life,
who has the recipe to blend
maybe God will know?

Bitter Sweet,
can both exist side by side and be palatable,
leaving no aftertaste?
Do they form a wholesome whole, 
as I am told?

When bitter is present 
do I focus on the sweet to balance?
Will sweet mingle with bitter
 and lessen it's bite?

Endless circles of
should we,
shouldn't we?
If we do
then how will it effect relevant others?
If we don't
then how will it effect relevant us?

Sweet Connie Mae,
Dreaming of bonding days with my grand-baby.
Listening to 'Beachlife' wondering if the day will come?
Beauty I find in places like Deeply Humbled
this post and video touches me deep.

Linking with Monica
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Monica said...

the us-them, self-other, dilemma. we'll move from this soon, as venus shifts....

Lindsay Drya Vanhove said...

I believe it's my first visit here. Should we or shouldn't we... I know what you are talking about! Beautiful poetry also. :)

Cat said...

beautiful words
lovely reflections
like a dream
as life can sometimes

love and light

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

thought inspiring haiku ~ Tis the 'bitter with the sweet' ~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

joanne said...

Intriguing work....Life can certainly be just that - bitter and sweet, at the same time

Karen said...

Bitter sweet- not meant to blend, but balance.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...


Everything hinges on that conditional word, doesn't it?


Concertina Wire & Sky

Spadoman said...

Dear Ms. Foxy... Yin and Yang of life, the balance. Sweet and sour, (bitter), good and bad, cold and hot. So, when do you decide that you need to make a decision?

Much Peace

Miss Robyn said...

oh how I totally understand this.. xoxo
and beautiful name.. Connie Mae xo

rebecca said...

dear one,

forgive me for my late arrival. i have been away from the computer and am only now visiting all the haiku offerings. i hope sweet is prevailing in your dear life. i understand so deeply what a balancing act life really is. i am so happy you have been blesses with a sweet new soul.

holding you too,

Irene Rafael said...

at times balancing the bitter and the sweet is a moment to moment decision, other times it is effortless. wishing you well.