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Friday, 8 June 2012

The Pulse & Growth

The pulse of my Friday
moment by moment reflection.

Rain falls gently, some of the blooms are now water-logged and bowing over, the white lilac is tangled with rust, wondering does the perfume still linger?
My boys are loathe to leave the comfort of snuggle,
after all rain means nothing's happening out-doors!
My love's feeling fidgety,
mounting the mower on soggy grass makes for a sludge-scape.

Thoughts return to my girl who seems a little better, struggles with bi-polar. At present like the sun's appearance through the clouds, better is only momentary.
Long-time virtual friend said we will be "learning lessons from each other".

Yes I'm learning that I can't always fix things,
being a mum, I want to,
I'm full of lets try this and that, but to no avail.
This journey is her journey I can only be there for her and hold her.

My heart wells from my yoga experience yesterday,
'The jewel in the lotus blossom mantra and meditation'.
This really soothed me, visualising the lotus blossom's ascension from the mud reaching for the light through the water and finally blossoming.

Thinking of blossom my lovely daughter-in-law is due to give birth this Sunday,
 it is a strange feeling that I have waiting to meet the seed of my seed,
the newest being to our family.
I have just finished the shawl in time,
this shawl has taken on extra meaning for me,
it seems the growth of the shawl coincided not only with the growth of life in the womb but my personal growth too.

I'm linking with Monica
'Keeping it Real' 


Monica said...

how blissed out we would be, to be able to fix every scarped knee, every bruised heart, of our children. sigh
but of course then we steal from them their right to their own journey.

the yoga meditation sounds so good, so filling. i could do with a dash of that.... wonder if i could carve out a moment...

Spadoman said...

I came for Haiku My Heart. I didn't see your name on Rebecca's Mr. Linky, but I thought I'd come over anyway. Thank you for sharing your world, your thoughts with me. I say 'me' because I am sitting here alone and reading this as if you were speaking to me.
Yes, teachings and lessons right in front of our eyes. The helpless feeling of not being able to save our children from any kind of strife. That journey of the Lotus a lot like our journey, some mud and muddles water to get through before seeing the light. Might that light be understanding? probably not I'd say.

Much Peace to a very good soul

Noelle Clearwater said...

Dearest Sue,
Such a meditative journey here: blooms water-logged and bowing over, tangled with rust,
Your Charlotte, much like the lilac, bowed down, a bit tangled, but not defeated, waiting for the sun's light,
You recognizing that mother love, as large as the world itself, cannot rescue and fix the wounded but only hold and support the journeyer,
You, in meditation and spiritual awakening, visualizing the blossom's ascension from darkness to light, through the vehicle of water, the symbol of all life and final blossoming,
And finally the blossoming of a new seed, a new life, your first grandchild and the promise of hope.
I love the metaphor of the shawl as a symbol of growth. In the Episcopal church, their is a tradition of crocheting prayer shawls for children and adults. I like to think of your shawl as a prayer for your new grandchild and yourself.
Much Love,
Noelle x

somepinkflowers said...

oh my!
so love the way
you put
your words together
showing your
feelings & thoughts...

i have no children
i offer no thought on this.
i just know
it is difficult to let
ANYone we love
have their way in the world
if it is causing them pain...

once when teaching
my supervisor told me,
"well, B,
you cannot save them ALL ..."

{{ i always
took the class
with the Misplaced
the Difficult
the ones needing help
the ones that saw things differently
the ones
that really were the most interesting, BTW...
those students,
thinking i Could save them all... }}

what i learned was
means different things...
just Being There when needed

just being there is enough
just being there accepting
the Now
is the right thing.

lovely photos
as always...

Baby By The Sea said...

fidgidy love, soggy grass. love these images and the way you've woven words together.

Stephanie said...

oh Sue,
A friend once told me we can only be as happy as our most unhappy child. I have only the one but find I am forever entangled in her emotions.

Happy that you have your yoga to give you clarity.

Miss Robyn said...

has the new angel arrived yet? I am home from my jaunt and came here to catch up on posts I have missed.
a beautiful, beautiful post. saying you can't always fix things, being a mum, I want to.. oh yes. *sigh*, yes, yes. how I understand.

I cannot wait to visit your part of the world.. I hope we can do some art, maybe a walk and some real life bonding.