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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Yoga Buddy Love

for my yoga buddy Sue

I was overjoyed to receive a card out of the blue
from a yoga buddy who learned
about my fall via blog posts,
so I'm digi-doodling my heart for her
and anyone else who would
like to share!

more Joy at
Meri's Musings


GrandmaK said...

What a neat picture!!! Wishing you well!! Cathy

Laura said...

beautiful heart image!

Kim Mailhot said...

Very cool card ! Isn't friendship the hugest blessing ?
Have a joyous Thursday, Beautiful Sue !

Stephanie said...

I hope you are able to do your yoga again...what a heARTfelt piece this is...


Meri said...

What a great friend -- both she and you!

Helen Campbell said...

What a cool card! I hope you get back to yoga, and your friend, again soon.

Cynthia Eloise said...

beautiful card, lucky you to receive a special gift. hope you have recovered from your fall.

Monica said...

sweet. spread the love!

somepinkflowers said...

sending more
healing strength,
lets face it...

don't we ALL
need That

{{ possibilities
R everywhere }}