Finding my Bliss

Sunday, 26 February 2012

My Tribe

The outset was dubious
I was all alone, 
I wanted to find a tribe of my own,
I wanted kinfolk with whom I could share
some abstract thoughts,
an image, a care.
The meetings seemed tenuous 
and sketchy to start,
as I posted my pictures,
my words and my art,
but slowly they came one by one,
a cheery hello,
a very well done,
and the days that followed
I was lifted up high,
it felt like magic, I really could fly!
So I'm sending this message on the next tide,
Postcards from Paradise,
my sisters, my tribe,

A very big thank you straight from my heart,
for sharing my journey,
for being a part.



gma said...

A blessing to be in that lucky tribe, to witness your art, beauty and vibe.

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Wonderful art work ~ is it yours? Loved your poem and love you ~ gentle magical soul ~ I love this tribe! ~ namaste, carol ^_^ ( A Creative Harbor)

Stephanie said...

I love those images...are they painting? Digital....a combination...


lostforwords101 said...

Beautiful. It gives me a sense of calm to read this.

rebecca said...

dear wonder filled you,

oh sue...this touches my heart so very deeply. i love the strength of connection and belonging we share beyond all time and distance. thank you for each offering straight from your heart.


Hettienne said...

a beautiful ode to belonging to the tribe of the heart where analysis is left outside the door!