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Haiku my Heart #51 Cartwheeling

Since I am pot-bound, not able to venture out without aid,
I sit in the sunshine window with my camera
and imagine the day I'll be free to
cartwheel before the sun!
Cartwheeling is probably a little optimistic,
but the feeling will be the same!

Haiku my Heart, a place to share poetry
and a friendly hello ~> ~>

Recuerda mi Corazon


Carol L McK said…
Lovely photos and delightful haiku ~namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy HMH
priti.lisa said…
Your haiku sure resounded with me...I can feel the excitement building♥♥♥
somepinkflowers said…
a dragon fly doing cartwheels
in your window!

{{ U R doing
what was intended
all along--->
Rest... }}

the sun will come to you, missy,
the sun will come...
Spadoman said…
Had me confused Ms. Foxy. I thought you had given up marijuana! (Just joking of course). Hope that healing is coming quickly for your injury. I love the haiku you wrote today.

Miss Robyn said…
enjoy the time.. really.. sometimes the Universe slows us down in very odd ways.. to force us to just be.. those cartwheel times will come xo :)
rebecca said…
my darling,

oh how i hope your days are manageable in heart, soul and body. i understand the challenges of physical limitations and am so grateful that you will transcend yours completely.
i love you dear sue.
holding you close.
Initially I had the same reaction as Spadoman but then I saw and read the metaphor. Although I'll admit that pot does have its place--and often a Godsend for those who are ill. But, I guess you mean potted, like a plant, waiting for health and spring.
Hettienne said…
You are indeed cartwheeling with the aid of your camera and the light! beautiful images and metaphor
Carola Bartz said…
So pretty again, Sue. Sorry I wasn't here for a while - life has taken over! I hope that soon you can venture out again, but for now I wish for you to "listen" to the slowing down. Sending you hugs.
Stephanie said…
I am really enjoying these photographs...of light and reflection and slow moving days!
I find the idea of seeing cartwheels in the sun quite enchanting!

Whirling Haiku and Senryu
peggy gatto said…
I'd totally forgotten of the freedom and fun of cartwheels!!!!!!!!!!

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