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Haiku my Heart #49 ~ Numbers

 After yoga yesterday we discussed significant numbers,
today being Friday 13th,
unlucky for some they say!
On the other hand
the year 2012
is said to be an auspicious year,
The Chinese Year of the Golden Dragon,
taking place only once every 60 years
It also happens to be a leap year so
 that means the possibility
of climbing my same old staircase
an extra time this year!
The number 300 is significant too 
this being my 
300th post! 
whilst yesterday the 12th was
my blog birthday
2 years!

So what do these numbers all amount to?

Can I count on them to calculate my life?

Or are they just markers of time,
 as illusory as my shadows?

shadows behind me
 light always falls to the front 
illuminates now

sending to 
Postcards from Paradise

BTW this is my 49th Haiku 
I'm sure this is a significant number! ;~)

PS I'm really getting into this numbers thing, 
apparently 7 is the perfect number
according to some bible scholars
so my haiku being 7 x 7
must be perfectly
ha ha 


Carol L McKenna said…
Awesome photography and lovely haiku ~ numbers can be rather intriquing ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy HMH ^_^
somepinkflowers said…
you had my attention
at the first
shadow photo -----> ♥

7 is my lucky
for all
my best!

but in terms of Time,
i always seem
to notice this:

priti.lisa said…
Stunning photography! And the haiku too!
I feel the magic.
Spadoman said…
My head is spinning trying to keep up with the numbers. When I'm alone in thought and see numbers, or think about numbers, I add the singular digits up until I come up with a single digit number. I especially like to do this with Highway route numbers.
Hence, 2012 is 5. 2 plus 1 plus 2 equals 5. 5 is my favorite, (lucky) number, so 2012 is a good year.
Oh, nevermind. See what you've started? My whole day is shot!
Fun post, seems you're happy and that makes me happy. I love the shadowy photos, quite mysterious, intriging and sensual. well done.

Much Peace
peggy gatto said…
what a wonderful post with so much to read and see!
Congratulations on your blog and posts!!!
Leap year, I didn't know!!!
Have a great weekend!!!
High 5 to you!
Cheryl said…
I love your photographs today. At once mysterious and illuminating. Perfect haiku. I add up numbers all the time. Approximately 2 minutes ago I added up the date with something I saw on another's post and came up with 8 which is an auspicious number. See? I do it all the time. Happy birthday and happy anniversary.
GrandmaK said…
All in all it seems to be a most exciting week of numbers for you and my heartiest congratulations!!! Cathy
Lots of numbers to celebrate along with some very ethereal looking photos. I loved reading and seeing your post. And congratulations on all these significant numbers for you.
Marit said…
I was going to say that 49 is 7x7... but you saw that yourself already! I will turn 49 this year... it sounds like an awesome number so I'm not sad getting 'old' The shadow photos are stunning! Enjoy the weekend, count your blessings ;)
*jean* said…
how very wonderful...i love your photos and your number ponderings...your haiku is perfect and congrats on your bloggy accomplishments! i can see the twinkle in your eye in this post, miss sue
Leslie said…
dear sue, i DO hope 2012 is an auspicious year for you and those you love. your shadow shots are marvelous.
Annie said…
I love the shadowy mystery you captured.
zongrik said…
i love your take on numbers

three senryu of gems
Stephanie said…
well, there were 13 comments when I clicked here..

so many numbers, I think there is significance in all of them.

Love the year of the Golden Dragon...I did not know that


the photographs...just BEautiful.
Rosie said…
It's funny... I was thinking about photos I like to look at and realised that I haven't been here for a while. LOVE the shimmery shadow photography Sue... stunning!
Numbers are strange things aren't they? 3 has always been a magick number for me, though 5 is my numerology number.
Let's hope this year brings better things than last year, eh? =)
tami said…
such lovely shadow shots! and numbers . . . love, love the wonder of numbers . .
I too love numbers
30, 11, 7...
and shadow dancing
what a beautiful post!

xox - eb.

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