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Blooming Friendships

A tiny seed is tucked away
somewhere on distant soil,
finding its way there not by 
some migrating bird
flying on the wings of friendship,
soon the sun will turn her
attention to the work of warming
 my little seed will surely be
aroused by its tender care,
to find a route through
this tough exterior terrain of life
so it may bloom too on distant shores,
as a reminder of all the beauty we share.

Here's to all Blooming Friendships

Sending to Postcards from Paradise


Miss Robyn said…
I love you xo your friendship blooms in my heart & soul xo
Even 'online' friendship is a gift ~ Awesome photos ~ Happy New Year to you ~ ~ namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) linked w/Post Cards from Paradise
Dawn Elliott said…
Yours post is so beautifully put... blooming friendships are essential to our happiness. Happy New Year!
rebecca said…
i want you to know as i walked into the light of this new day...before i even dreamed of your words here it was just this that filled my heart!
your poppy full of promise and perfect colour so much like cupped hands carrying water to nurture every soul. today as a symbol of promise, to give deeper roots to the friendship we aspire too even across the limitless sea...
i will scatter the priceless seeds.
this is what i was imagining as i walked the sun into the sky. as you might have been forming these words in the very same sacred moment.

oh how i love you sue, with a love that defies time and space.

my seeds for you will arrive before you are winking at the promise of spring!

oh how i love you.
somepinkflowers said…
how perfectly lovely,
dear friend!

you posted

For Me!

gma said…
I caught one of your tiny seeds and planted it here with me. I shall tend it with care.
Stephanie said…
Sue...such a beautiful post. I hope too that our friendships bloom here next year to support creativity and to create a space to thrive.

happy new year!!
These photos and your words are inspirational to me. Thanks for your Jan. 1, 2012 entry, bringing hope to us all.
Noelle Renee said…
Sue dear,
These poppies are glorious. The seem to contain all the colors of the rainbow and the seeds of friendship that have been sown between us for over a year now. I often think of you when I see poppies or the seeds. They are indeed like bulbs of bright promise. I am so thankful for our friendship and so happy that we will have another year together. I wish you and your lovely family a peaceful and happy New Year. Thank you for your insightful words on my poem today. I felt such a soul connection with you and thank you for reminding me of the beautiful blooms of which cactus are so capable. :)
All My Love,
Lenora said…
Thank you for your beautiful toast - such gorgeous photos!

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