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Haiku my Heart #48 Towards Hope

With wings stretched out wide
soaring towards gathering light 
 the home shores of Hope

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Spadoman said…
Without hope, there would be no miracles. Your photo is grand. I can see it is not about the fish, although nif I were on that beach, I'd hope to land dinner before nightfall, or gather some driftwood and set a fire there. The flames would touch the sky.
Peace to you Ms. Foxy. XO
Marit said…
So glad to find your haiku on this first Friday of the New Year!! It gives hope for 2012... may all your dreams come true!!
GrandmaK said…
My prayer is for those who are hopeless!!! I cannot imagine a life without it! Thank you for this beautiful reminder!!! Cathy
somepinkflowers said…
oh oh
striking photo, missy!

is this Ice Fishing?

i ask
because my florida heart
wants to see this
as white
hope*filled fishing...

{{ i don't know A Thing
about Icy Fishing
but clearly
shores of Hope
would B involved.
with Hope
all things look Up


why, i feel TONS of Hope
right here

Lovely photo and powerfull haiku ~~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)
anthonynorth said…
Great interpretation of the pic.
*jean* said…
sure looks like ice fishing to in the land of lakes...and usually, snow and ice...breaking records of warmth, we are...very nice for dog walking :) your photo (and blog) are wonderful...and i read your reasons for joy too...congrats...i'm a 'follower' now..happy friday!
Helen Campbell said…
Wonderful haiku that fits the hopeful fisher folks, as well as adding hope for this new year. Cheers!
peggy gatto said…
Beautiful analogy!!!
gma said…
Towards hope.
Lovely haiku and photo.
priti.lisa said…
home shores of that!
Stephanie said…
ahhh, hope in the morning light, I see a familiar theme today...

I can easily see myself walking along this beach.

have a wonderful weekend
"home shores of hope"

I look for those shores daily, and looking, I find. Alleluia!

Ten Thousand Rooftops
priti.lisa said…
I love that they look alone in this crowded world...beautiful haiku♥♥♥
Meri said…
the home shores of hope -- what a place to return to!
rebecca said…
one day i would love to stand beside you on the waters edge. even from afar we gather light. but your footsteps, laughter, the contours of your heart. there is so much more to know about you.
Noelle Renee said…
Such a deeply intimate scene despite the miles of land and water that surround these two figures. there is something about the act of fishing together or preparing to, the act of casting a line or a net that signifies hope. I am reminded of the wonderful film, A River Runs Through it, seemingly about Fly Fishing but truly about a family and so many loves and losses. You have created a visual poem here, really Sue. The figures are so small, they almost look like Japanese writing on the sand rather than people ~ as if they were trying to convey a message together.
Peace, Love and Light dear friend,
Carola Bartz said…
What a great theme for a still very young year.
Annie said…
Beautiful. Seeing the shore in an entirely different way and through the eyes of a bird. I may not like being in high places but I love being the eyes of a bird.

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