Finding my Bliss

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Joyful Reflection

Ring that bell Joy of Joys!
Beyond the laundry line silhouettes,
through the undergrowth,
the first pink and blue sky
reflected in our very own pond,
Joyful beginnings....

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LauraX said...

exquisite moments held still for us all to enjoy!

Stephanie said...

We are indeed seeing the same beautiful complex lines of winter!


smiles, Sharon said...

Your first photo took me back to Asia, where such beauty of lines is everywhere. Then the trees, that if we all look around, we will see them....we don't need to be in exotic lands to see the beautiful. Lovely photos.
smiles: sharon

elizabeth bunsen said...


xox - eb.

Meri said...

Just amazing. Simply amazing. Can art ever compare to the show nature provides?