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Haiku my Heart #11 Words

Words abandoned me,
they wouldn't come out to play!
I wait in silence.

excerpt from My Book of Belief ~ foxysue
For more haiku poetry
 visit ~
Recuerda mi Corazon


jo©o said…
You hum it,
I'll play it :-)
My prediction:
Your mind is about to defrost and become fluent again.
Spadoman said…
Ms. Foxy... The photo is great. I'm looking and looking and trying to read the words. (The bottom one stull has me stymied) But your haiku words are definitely not as they appear. They are poetic and smooth. No way did they abandon you. Very nice.

Charlotte said…
Spadoman - The words in the photo of the book say 'I'm waiting for the moment' - I know it well as I was spending lots of time with Mum when she was working on this book, wish you could see it all, it's beautiful.

Mum - The moment is coming, I just know it xxx
Boonie S said…
This has a lovely feel and rhythm, and surely you're teasing us? (which is something that I would never do....). You're as eloquent as always.

Nice image too.
I'm not waiting for the moment. It passed me by many moons ago.

Have a nice day my friend, Boonie
Friko said…
I don't quite believe your statement, you did too well in spite of it.

I love those frozen trousers on the line in the previous post!
rebecca said…
my dear sue,


you have the words, perhaps just embracing the beauty of silence.
i love your art work here.

charlotte is so right...oh to be there!
and spadoman calling you ms. foxy!!! love that too.....hope that put a lilt in your step this morning.

can you share how you made the illuminated and "stand up" letters in your writing? perfectly stunning.

enjoy your weekend love.
Nanka said…
A great feeling and a wonderful moment!!
Ramesh Sood said…
Silence.. you have crafted it well.. thanks!!
Stephanie said…
it is all born from silence...

love the writing you the artwork

Kat Sloma said…
I love your haiku today! Playful. :) I've been reading but haven't had much time to comment, I want you to know I've been around though! Kat
Terena said…
wonderful! I haven't had time to write haiku lately (grad school is a harsh task master!), but I've been enjoying reading what others have written
somepinkflowers said…
your heart is willing
the best word waits, unfolding...
sweet is the slowness
Noelle Renee said…
This is stunningly beautiful. The image and the letters have the quality of something from the Victorian era. I love the ribbon around and the letters look as if they were written in some kind of illuminated wax which I think I have seen in another post of yours. It is lovely and I think that silence always has its place. Your haiku is perfect. By the way that is the most I have ever seen Boonie say in a response, so you must have done something right!

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