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Friday, 28 February 2014

More Dot Joining...

All day long we'd be nursing baby and bunny,
dress on, dress off, wrapping baby up,
washing baby, changing nappies,
swaddling her in a blanket,
laying her in bed....
I mean the whole day!
Then when it was bedtime for granddaughter Connie, of course baby and bunny had to go too...
No one has taught her this deep nurturing behavior,
it is as natural as breathing...

I think this might be why these female doll-like creative expressions keep popping up,
why I so enjoy playing with my images, expanding them in the digital playground.
As a child I remember the books that had the perforated pull out paper dolls
with interchangeable mix and match wardrobes, where the dresses
hooked onto the dolls by tabs at the back, this fascinated me.

I have the natural desire to nurture, this seems to be deeply seated within the feminine. When looking around 'blogsphere' a profusion of nurturing sister circles have appeared, nourishing and flourishing!  I have come to the realization and conclusion that we live in most exciting times.  The internet is truly coming into it's own and is being utilized by the sister-hood for healing in ways that have never been available to humans before. Some believe a great 'Shift' is shaping up where each individual can contribute, share, become part of a collective consciousness that is forming steadily, a ground swell.  It has been mentioned that women could be the front-runners of this Shift, using their natural feminine Divine to lead the way... send out to the universe ripples of love and connection...
This is also my Belief!

In 'Play Time' I am going to be creating more feminine forms and dolls, with meaning and metaphor!
I create the simple look from photographs using  Paint & Picasa, unlike the more sophisticated Photoshop, these two photo editing and drawing programs are quick and easy to use, just a matter of playing!
Keep a watch out and maybe you will join me in ~ How To!

Ripples of healing...
send synchronized energy...
marry 'spring' cosmos...

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Haiku my Heart
Recuerda mi Corazon

Monday, 24 February 2014

Joining dots and making connections....

I had such a lovely,
if not exhausting time looking after Connie
whilst Mummy & Daddy swanned off to the Big City Beer Festival...

The day  before I had noticed a lovely reflection on my widow in the blazing sun,
an unusual occurrence ~ the sun that is!
Of course I don't need much encouragement to linger,
dream and imagine all kinds of otherworldly goings on in my window reflections,
I'm soon seeing into the realms of otherworldly possibilities...
So I snapped merrily away to see what as my friend Patricia would say is 'gifted to me'....

I intuited the need for more clarity on my subject, so off to the land of 'Picasa'
where I highlighted and darkened, then as if by magic, the dots were connected to my little Connie,
I had bought her a ceramic money box in the form of an Asian lady and there she was arising in my image,
born from my inner intuiting ...

I just had to plump her out with fine 'line' details in Windows 'Paint' 
after visiting the land of  'Picasa' for a little 'retouch' and cloning some new earrings...

Little Connie is only 21 months, I can see we will have lots of dreaming and visioning days to come!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Lemons for my Honey

We think we might both have the residue of a virus,
initially we thought it was a common cold, but no we don't seem to be shaking this thing off!
More lemon and honey needed, but hey whilst my love keeps singing in his deep morning under-tone, '
all's well' really, and this morning the sun is out, almost spring time, I'm thinking!

Lemon & Honey
the bitter sweet taste of life
the sum of all parts....

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Photography as Worship

I don't know what it is about this picture,
but I agreed with what Google declared after I had finished editing it, that it was "awesome"! 
The only difference was, their version of awesome was at odds with mine, 
they wanted to add some fake snow to the image 
and float it across the internet..... No Way!

I would never treat my image in such an irreverent way, 
it was after all an awe inspiring occasion, an act of worship even!
I had been walking out just before dusk, and asking myself 
just what is it that impels me to seek solace in the landscape? 
What part of my soul wants intimacy? What is going on here
when I see something that says 'this composition', 'this beauty', 'click now'? 
This point of contact that pulls me in? 

As my love and I strolled along we had a whole conversation about this, 
we decided between us that it must be like falling in love, that great unknown mysterious chemistry that exerts it's influence compelling the act of merging! 

These other images come pretty close to awesome for me too, after a little tweaking in Picasa

and to say they were taken with my camera phone....

Monday, 17 February 2014

Sacred Traversing #3

More Clarity Needed for the Voyage...

I think it appropriate to expand and clarify a little more on my previous 'Sacred Traversing' post before traveling on!

Because of wanting to be transparent and authentic in my last post I ended up exposing deep hurt from the past and feeling vulnerable, perhaps even coming over as preachy! God forbid! You may have noted I had felt grievous about my former 'religious life' resulting in a lot of excavation and deconstruction work.  For the most part I have let go of the past and perhaps this is my time and place to draw closure through my 'Sacred Traversing!  For as Deepak Chopra points out our 'intentions' must not come from a grievous place! This would in-fact be serving the ego!  However, I do think we can learn lessons from the past, come to new conclusions, then shine a light on our story, that this may be of encouragement to others!

In that post I drew attention to my experience with 'religious dogma' to illustrate some of the ways I can still fall into this same trap, I do have a tendency to get fully drawn into my reading experience and spiritual programmes hook, line and sinker, I have to be on guard that I don't fall into the same trap!

By extension and taking this to the physical plane I can easily find myself with a list of 'should dos' as long as my arm, things I imagine I can fit into my day! Resulting in fatigue and exhaustion then despondency can set in and even worse, feeling like a failure! This is something I hate as it reminds me of the past, 'no matter how hard I was trying it never felt enough'! So I have learned a valuable lesson from my past, now I am 'easier' on myself, show more love and kindness to myself and for me 'love', 'kindness' and 'easier' means to think about the principle behind the suggestions of any reading etc. After first understanding the suggester's good intention and if it resonates, I try to relax about the specific details and commit the principle to my mind/soul.  In my experience once relaxed with good intentions I notice they start to peculate and surface naturally, nudging me in their direction like, 'time to meditate', 'time to exercise', whatever I have committed to. It is almost like the interconnected soul/mind/body has a natural organizing capacity to do that! I find looking back that my own natural rhythm starts to kick in and a healthy pattern, practice develops. I no longer beat myself up over anything and incidentally yoga has taught me such a lot about how to treat myself for the word  'ahimsa' often used in yoga means no harm to self or others, but compassion, see ~>   Ahimsa

However, having said that from time to time a practice may go awry, or I might decide it is no longer appropriate for my spiritual evolution.  I am the 'captain of my own ship' and have the ability either to re-commit, 'steer my ship back' to the intention, or 're-route my ship'!  After I see things more clearly or from a different perspective I can align more accurately to my own truth, knowing this is only my version of reality at any given time! This I have learned from my Sacred Traversing so far!

On the subject 'Finding Truth Tellers' you might like to visit Simon Parke, he has a wonderful way of explaining the subject! Of-course from his perspective! ~ Simon Parke.

Sunday, 16 February 2014


Playing again....

A little memory aid,
to remind me of a most beautiful happening,
whilst laid in my bed and the big old 'full snow moon' shining outside,
I could hear an own hooting twit twoo, twit twoo.
I have never heard this sound in all 15 years I have lived here!
My love thought it was the Tawny Owl most common in the UK, to my delight upon a little
investigation it appears this twit twoo is a duet song between male and female....!

I knew it was spring calling....

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Postcards from Paradise

Thursday, 13 February 2014


I've fallen in love
I'm star-struck by her beauty...
                                                               she's ~ every woman!

“I am like a falling star who has finally found her place next to another in a lovely constellation, where we will sparkle in the heavens forever.”  Amy Tan
 Have a lovely Valentine's Day to all my soul sisters... and brothers!

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Haiku my Heart
Recuerda mi Corazon

Monday, 10 February 2014

Sacred Traversing #2

Principle not Dogma

They said "independent thinkers had no part in God's Kingdom".

So that was it, I had made myself  'an outcast',
nowhere to go, condemned to wander in the wilderness....

Incidentally Pixie Campbell is running a series of Vlogs on the topic 'Outlaw Spirituality'
Some interesting questions are raised about spirituality such as "what is a religious experience like for you?"
Currently I'm "Sacred Traversing" ~ Dictionary Definition ~ going backwards, forwards, sideways, all directions for me to arrive at where I am...

"The deepest hunger in Life is a secret that is revealed only when a person is willing to unlock a hidden part of the self. In the ancient traditions of wisdom, this quest has been likened to diving for the most precious pearl in existence, a poetic way of saying that you have to swim far out beyond shallow waters, plunge deeply into yourself, and search patiently until the pearl beyond price is found". Deepak Chopra. 

So now that I am diving in deep, I will speak 'my' truth...

The Devil is in the 'Detail' or 'Dogma' As said previously in my "religious experience", "there was no life outside of the bounds of the religion", and they had the 'key' to a spiritual life, so I thought. This had been drummed into me via the dogma! To start with after my 'coming out' I felt very confused about God, spirituality and life's meaning and to make matters worse if I met any of my former religious associates, I was always reminded if not explicitly, implicitly of the dire consequences of my withdrawal, the outcome of leaving  'The Truth'!

For many years I buried my head in a career, which was something new to me as careers for women were frowned upon, but during this time I went into spiritual hibernation! Not daring to wake up for nearly a decade... the damage was great, but not irretrievable as I found out later...

This new found career opened up a whole new world of  'education' for me, I started reading non-religious material and although I had not thought of it as 'spiritual', seeds of the spirit were being sewn through my learning. I came across the book 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' ~ Stephen Covey. I devoured this book as I wanted to be effective in my job, little did I realize at the time but the thoughts contained in this book, although in no sense religious would serve as a basis, a corner stone for a new spiritual life, setting up the foundation for my current beliefs on principles, not dogma!

To this day I am wary of any reading or organisation with prescriptive lists of 'should dos', once bitten twice shy! Sometimes they come in the form of suggestions that can subtly take up lodging within our psyche, pretty soon they can turn into a kind of dogma! Although these may be well intentioned, they become sets of rules we think we must adhere to! We can end up feeling entrapped by the detail of life, this could be anything from meditate twice a day 20 minutes, in this or that position, eyes open, closed, write 3 pages in your journal every morning long hand, practice yoga everyday 45 minutes and so on. I'm not identifying these kinds of 'should dos' with any dogmatic religion but the principle applies. Visit Susannah Conway ~ The End of Should

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Connie Kissing

I'm not feeling very well today, a little fuzzy headed,
can't concentrate, but feeling the creative urge...

I can't blame my light-headedness for this blurry image,
more like my shaky hand, but adore it all the same!
My little Connie called over the last week and brought some
wee visitors too from her nursery, they took up lodging with me
and my love, leaving us both feeling under-par....
That's the trouble with Connie kisses you never know what else you're catching in the bargain!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Sacred Traversing #1

To the Land of Milk & Honey...

Oh I love writing blog posts on the hoof...
this is a timely pun on the Day of the Chinese New Year ~ The Year of the Horse!
Speaking of which ~ travel ~ I have come across this lovely Website
focusing on Sacred Journeys that feature guest pilgrims.
You can visit here... A Sacred Journey

This reading at Sacred Journeys has opened up more than I bargained for ~
for it touches on my personal journey, where I am at the moment in my relationship to the Divine.
I have spoken a lot about this relationship through my photography and daily life, but I have never exposed my soft-soul underbelly with regard to how I traveled to this point in time! In line with my New Year's words, 'Brave' 'Action' 'Truth' I am opening up to speaking my truth more.  I have been living in the moments meditating on heart centering prayer, focusing on 'clarity'.  I feel very vulnerable saying what I do, but certain things seem to be clearly falling into place for me, I think steadily but nevertheless incrementally I am moving forward.

I am beginning to make sense of 'now' and my past life where I was totally obsessed by a particular religious way of life that I have never expressed before!  It has taken many years to deconstruct some of the details of this dogma. I say some 'deconstruction' because much of what I learned is still congruent with my own truth... However, some twenty odd years ago I came to a full stop with this way of life, a complete halt to everything my life had been for the previous twenty years, it is only 'now' that I am beginning to make sense of it all. This was a difficult decision and I nearly lost my sanity over it due to no longer wanting to live a life not fully aligned to my truth!  Yes I had to be very brave at the time because every aspect of my life was bound up in this belief system, I had in-fact signed over my soul to an all embracing way of life, 'there was no life' on the outside!  My family and friends had all been within the bounds of the religion, although my grown up children were making their own way independently of these beliefs, but everything I had known would now be different and I would be spurned if I left!  It was a very difficult turnaround, rather like the QEII ship navigating a turn after realizing she was not going in the right direction! 

Since, I've been through very rough and uncharted waters steadily gaining strength, although at times I became a little shaky and looked back with longing to the perceived security of the place I'd left behind, thinking about the 'cocoon' I'd been cradled in with fellow believers for many years.  Now on my own with my own thoughts, my own path and destiny, I felt very scared but knew I had to be brave and travel on!  So today I am putting the pieces together, I have done a lot, and I mean a lot of research into philosophies, personal development and other belief systems, I'm feeling the mists are clearing, I feel my prayers are being answered, I feel clarity is merging. Part of my BRAVE will be to continue to post about this 'Sacred Traversing', not to identify any path of 'Ultimate Truth' only our unique Views!
You may like to join in, I hope you do...!

BTW:  I have mentioned before about my 'intuitive photography', when something catches my eye as with the above image, I don't know why but I have to pick up the camera to pull this view in for safe keeping! The image can sit in my picture file for days and then when I start to write a post of my heart the image speaks again, it says ~>~>~>
me, me, post me.... :~)xxx

PPS: (in-case you can't make the image out, it is my kettle sitting on the window ledge
 reflecting the window view with hand soap milk & honey.)