Finding my Bliss

Monday, 22 July 2013

Filed under ~ 'B'

The party animals have all slinked back to the woods now the bouncy castle
has been deflated and carried away for another year,
I have my memories though, filed under 'B' for Bliss and Beautiful.

Beautiful ~
Daughter-in-law ~ such a great host and party entrepreneur,
Sons ~ making sure all the animals were well fed from the barbecue, and watered!!
Daughter ~ reminding us all to keep cool in the heat
My love ~ quietly keeping all under control i.e. chief pot washer and tidy-er-upper!!

Bliss ~
This day was about Connie my granddaughter, in celebration of her first year of life, I see her only occasionally due to the distance so this was really special.  She is nearly walking and loves to lead me around the garden looking, touching and smelling the flowers, sometimes nearly eating them! We romped on the bouncy castle together early in the morning before the others arrived, getting our pants wet-through in the morning dew.
My greatest thrill of all came when we were looking out the window together at the flowers, I detected a real first time communication, she, pointing at the flowers said 'look', I was amazed, this marks the beginning of what I've been so looking forward to, the time when she can hold a conversation with me!


Monica G. M said...

that's so so sweet. what an extra special celebration for you both.

Starr Sonam said...

What a wonderful day for you... Happy Birthday

Karen Houghton said...

We love multiple birthday sessions at cobblers over stainsby weekend.....cheeky foxes

Mystic Meandering said...

Blissed indeed :) Love the expression on the giraffe's face :)

Introverted Art said...

Happy birthday Sue, that everyday your life may be filled with beauty and bliss.