Finding my Bliss

Saturday, 9 March 2013

My Gifts

I am enough
I am good enough
I was made that way

I honour my maker
I use my gifts
however they

Qualifier ~>
An amount of self sabotage, not good enough has been circulating lately,
I suppose we all get a dose from time to time! It is appropriate then and helpful for me to remember ~
all that I am is not of my own making, that what I offer has been gifted to me in the first place.
My unique ~ I just keep building upon that base!


Stephanie said...

Sometimes that`s a tall believe we are good enough when that monkey brain keeps trying to tell us differently.

Thank you for the gentle reminder

Mystic Meandering said...

Sue - this is so true for so many of us - getting the message in childhood and society of not being "good enough" - and *believing* it - comparing ourselves to others, needing to be validated for what we do and who we are, and how we express that. And yes, you/we *are* wonderfully "made" :) - a unique expression of the Divine, loved beyond measure. So how can we ever not be "good enough!" :) I have to keep reminding myself of this all the time when the "not good enough" phantom comes knocking. :)

foxysue said...

Christine, exactly! I had forgotten about all of those school reports ~ "day dreamer, does not try hard enough". Thank you for reminding me.

Introverted Art said...

Sue, I needed to read that... I think I am walking that path myself...

rebecca said...

dear sue,
i was just thinking about mosaics and how they are glorious, vibrant and delight the soul. one reason, i believe, is that they honor all the fragments, the broken bits and pieces of life. by embracing ALL the parts of ourselves, our life experience, and reassembling them in love, forgiveness and acceptance we become more beautiful in our wholeness. every part of us is essential. the dark makes the light brighter, sorrow becomes a deeper well for happiness, acceptance teaches us compassion for self and others.
holding you in love and light.
i am so grateful for your place in my heart.