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Mary in the Morning & Symbolism

My morning always starts this way,
my ritual, and my mantra ~>
"No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up"~  Rigina Brett's 90 Years Celebration of Living.

My daughter flung the sheet of points at me when we were both ill at the beginning of the year, I was surprised by this as I'd been the one doing the encouraging for well over a year through her mental health breakdown. Encouraging her to get up and get dressed when all she wanted to do was bury her head under the duvet, she hardly muttered a word for six months.

We read the sheet together, and when we came across point 40 as outlined above we both vowed to each other this is what we would do!  At the very least we would make sure we'd "get up and dress up". For my part I make sure I wear the above bracelets and earrings everyday, I put them on first thing of a morning as a symbolic act in recognition to the power of motherly love and to keep a positive attitude.  I leave them on my bedside table so they are there waiting for me in the morning.

We came through tough times together. I don't claim all the credit for myself for I only passed on what I received, learned from the many Mary type figures found here on-line as well as other places, circles of strong giving women.

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rebecca said…
oh i love infusing something with greater meaning...such acts become touchstones for keeping our paths firmly in the light no matter what surrounds us. you two are a polestar of love and support for each other.
surrounding you both in love and light.
thank you for your affirmations and fortitude. you inspire me!
Sometimes life is just one foot in front of the other ins't it... I start each day, before I get out of bed, with a breath meditation. Somehow that gives me the strength to get up and face the day. :)

Love your new banner header! Love the fluidity and abstractness, plus, the symbolism of the dark and the light existing together, as the movement of life, embracing each other... Beautiful!
suzanne said… what i needed to land on and read today...for a million reasons. your timing is divine! grazie mille xx
Norma Ruttan said…
divine serendipitous post! this afternoon was the funeral of a precious friend and cousin. thank you...
Introverted Art said…
Life can get so threatening, so intimidating at times... A lot of times I have a hard time feeling the miracle that it is...
Lenora said…
the heartfelt strength of you, lifted as we often are by our circles of strong women, our village square wherever we find it,hold on to the daily and find the little miracles there..
Annie said…
She will never, ever fail us. She is the perfect mother and her love is without limits.
Lizbethem said…
Your post is most moving. I like the simplicity of the message. We are online sisters joined by our love for the Blessed Virgin Mary.xx
Donna said…
Love the music and this line that you wrote.... "circles of strong giving women"
Donna said…
LOL the 'music' was from another blog I had up at the same time!! It was good however!!!
Wonderful post and experience shared and so true ~ 'show up' ~ I see Our Lady in your beaded creation ~ thanks for the reminder to me of the Divine in all of us ~ lots of healing hugs to you and your daughter ~ ^_^

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