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A Friend Indeed

A friend of mine popped round this afternoon,
she took me by surprise.
I was feeling rather 'fragmented', 
scattered even if you know what I mean?
I felt like I had come apart in so many places,
doubting if I could put myself back together!
This friend of mine has a special talent
developed through her own life's school of sometimes hard knocks! 
She's a dab hand at recognising all the jumbled up parts of you,
like the pieces of a jigsaw and she seems intuitively to know
how to fit them back together again. 
Confidently she identifies each of the positive features
 gently nudging them one by one back into place
until the whole body starts to regain its appearance,
its former beautiful, colourful self!
It is wonderful to have a friend with such talent,
it amazes me how she always calls
at just the right time,
always brings back the best of me!
I am grateful for such a friend.

Sending to Share the Joy
Meri's Musings


Miss Robyn said…
what a wonderful friend! xo
I aspire to be a friend like that.. I am back blogging after a whirl wind few weeks.. missed you so much xo
Am glad you are feeling more "together", regaining your illumined Self! :)
Stephanie said…
What a wonderful little story...of good friends and of feeling a bit more together again. The images you illustrate this lovely post with are just beautiful too!
rebecca said…
"in love lies the seed of our growth. the more we love the closer we are to the spiritual experience." paula coelho

the longer i live the more clearly i see that love is all that matters. that being in the force of love, keeping each other in the force of love...holding everything and everyone in the light of love, is what is needed.

i am eternally grateful to be graced by the light of your love. i am humbled and honored to hold you in that same bright eternal regard.

what a gift true friends are.
Bi Ti said…
What a beautiful post and beautiful photos. I love the silhouette in the shadow.

Our weekly linky party is on at:

Please join us if your time permits. Have a great weekend!
Meri said…
A friend like that is a beautiful treasure. . . we need to clone her and send one to everyone in the world.
Cat said…
it does not surprise me that you have such friends Suey
blessed are you

love and light
suzanne said…
those are the friend's most cherished, aren't they? the bond being nearly magical.

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