Finding my Bliss

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Milk of Human Kindness

The checkout girl uttered in a soft sweet voice
almost as an afterthought
as I was leaving
"happy new year",
I think she knew I needed to hear that!
Her tinkling voice sounded like I would imagine an angel's voice sounds.
Immediately the pain rose all the way from my gullet right up into my head now awash with tears.
I could not hold back the avalanche any longer, it took just one kind word from a stranger
for the release to start, all the pent-up emotion of the last few days, weeks, year..........
she'll never know how touched and thankful I was to hear that little affirmation of human kindness!

The year seems to be ending on a dark note the same as it started.  I have been very ill over Christmas and the weeks before I have not felt too well.  Party plans had to be aborted, spending time with my son and family all had to be postponed, added to that we have also been under flood threat due to the increased rainfall, so our furniture was raised off of the floor!  I have been looking for those chinks of light in the dark and for sure they're there but I'm struggling to locate them just now!

I am not one to give up easily though
I take heart from all the little sparks of light that shine forth here in my 
I'm already feeling a glow thinking of you all
and therefore I'm taking this opportunity to wish each and every one 
a very very


Mystic Meandering said...

Don't you just love that when it happens... Just a kind tone in someone's voice will send us into tears, allowing the pain to arise and be released... Once I was in a similar place and a woman standing next to me in the produce section mentioned to me how the potatoes didn't look all that good, did they... (She had the most wonderful English accent as well!:) Well that was enough to send me over the edge! I responded and walked away quickly to avoid breaking down completely. And how grateful we are for those unexpected voices of light that reach deeply into our hearts, to remind us that the light is still there, even in the dark times.

I unexpectedly plunged into darkness yesterday - feeling a deep pain about the way life is. Seems a lot of us are in that space lately. But in a strange way, I am grateful, for it allows me to look deeply into the pain, into those expectations of the way I think life should be, so that I can fully surrender to the Light that is there as well.

May you always feel surrounded by Light and Love, held in the cradle of the Heart...

Miss Robyn said...

much love to you dear Susan xo
I know exactly how you feel - being pushed over the edge to tears so much since I have been away.. but don't forget how cleansing tears are xoxo

suzanne said...

buon anno, amica mia! sending you love, laughter, radiant health, creative abundance, and much friendship on the eve of 2013. may distant fireworks remind you of those lives you have reached all over the world this evening. xx

Lizbethem said...

Wishing you all the very best of health and happiness in 2013!xx

Cat said...

hold on suey
sink into the peace and stillness that feeling under the weather can bring

holding you right now
praying all will be revealed as it is meant to be
you are a light in the dark

blessings to you this coming year
come by for a visit today if you can
i have a "little" message I would love to share with you

love and light

somepinkflowers said...

{{ oh oh oh
so much happens
when we are not looking...

dark times sneak up
but hope now they are at bay ...

remember the name
of your own blog:
~~Finding My Bliss~~

it is there,
you will find it
when the time is right ...
this is the short days,
long dark nights
of the year when
Dark Times breed in the closet !!

marinate in the knowledge
that the shortest day
has come and gone...

hold on until the spring !!

my house was flooded in august,
and walls are still missing ...

i refuse
to see the humor in any of it ...

i send you greetings
of a Happy New Year
i adore a fresh start,
don't you ?? }}

Introverted Art said...

oh Foxy, that's one of the things I want to believe: in human kindness. I wish you an amazing 2013, full of peace, love, and happiness.

Charlotte said...

I know this year will be better than our annus horribilis. One step at a time my dear dear Mummy.