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Exquisite Moments

What am I going to do with this one beautiful day?
It's yoga day, and yes yoga calls,
but something is calling me louder!

I have been having sleepless nights lately,
health issues are causing me distress,
me and the doc are sorting this!

Meanwhile I have vowed to
use the moments between the discomfort to 'revel in' as Susan Jeffers puts it
"those exquisite moments"!

This morning I have a yearning to share:

Sometimes when I wake in the night I see this enormous star dangling in the blackness, it is so bright and beautiful my heart fills from its radiance, then as I look further into the sky and see hundreds of star jewels it reminds me they are like the multitude of exquisite moments in our lives.

As with the blackness of a clear night sky, in life's ''dark night' somehow the jewels sparkle that much brighter, are more precious.  In making my vow to become more aware of these jewel like exquisite moments, I have observed something, the more I look the more I notice with appreciation all the beauty this one life offers, its like peering into the night sky, new jewels are appearing constantly.

We can go through life without giving much attention to the fabulous canopy of stars, take them for granted, they're stars they've always been there.  Like those exquisite moments, we don't always recognise them as such but when we finally see them in their true setting the brilliance is overwhelming!

The lovely Jamie Ridler articulates it most beautifully today in her post, go read ~ My love letter to the World .

The most instrumental tool for me in building up this awareness and appreciation has been my camera and love affair with photography, it lends to observing and noticing little things that may otherwise go by without a thought, the more you notice the deeper you go into a world of both subtlety and stark contrasts, the merest change of light revealing new exquisite moments, bringing with it a rush of gratitude for having been a witness to it all!

Recent 'Exquisite Moments'

“Stars burn clear all night till dawn. 
Do that yourself, 
and a spring will rise in the dark 
with water your deepest thirst is for.”

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"The moments between the discomfort." I know these too... And I love the star connection, realizing that we are a part of a larger Cosmos; that there is so much *Life* to live, if we're just *aware* - as you said. :) And so true that the camera helps us to be more aware! Especially love that last photo! Wow - beautiful...
Hope you feel better soon...
Monica said…
"in life's ''dark night' somehow the jewels sparkle that much brighter"

of course of course!

those moments have been precious to me these last few weeks of darkness.

and i am a fan of your contemplative photography. that first is certainly exquisite.

i hope that doc of yours is a good one.
GrandmaK said…
I'm speechless!!! magnificent!!! Cathy

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