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Dressing table musings with Mary

Sometimes connections come spontaneously.....

The inspiration is here with me today....

I'm flying after what feels like an eternity of being grounded....

My one constant dream is that I can fly,
the feeling is fabulous, 
I find myself being transported off the earth, 
sometimes with a downward movement of the hands and arms 
somewhat like a bird flapping the wings, but I am pushing against gravity
and magically propelling myself upwards where ~

I am among the clouds flying over land masses at speed! 

I'm wondering why everyone doesn't join me,

it is so natural...

Her drawer remains the same, untouched personal items, underwear, socksa bottle of perfume tucked away so as not to clutter the shared dressing table. "I'll leave them" she says " just in case I come back", I think what she meant was, she may return to the former days, ones we want to leave behind! 
The unspeakable days, should we have to go through it all again! 

I said "those days are gone now, leave the drawer if you like but we are not going back there"!

Yes this is one of those days I'm flying in the heavens, head back in the clouds,
I feel well, she feels well, all is well!

We never thought this day would arrive, my girl after a year in major mental breakdown is finally on her own, in her own home, and back at work, it has all been gently gently but she is gathering strength day by day.

I have been through the darkest period of my life so far!  Today is such a beautiful day, the sun shines brilliantly out of doors lighting up each exquisite moment.

I am grateful!

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Priti.Lisa said…
Oh. my. God.
This story will stay with me.
I think you covered every emotion.
Annie said…
Echoing Priti's emotional response, Sue. I am so happy for you and your daughter's recovered health. You joy is contagious.
rebecca said…
never underestimate the power of a mothers love!!!
dear girl, you have earned your wings;
and your dear girl is spreading hers!

i feel you are a cloud drifting into its perfect sky!

:) Am so happy for your ecstasy and celebration - and relief... All is well, all is infinitely well... Blessings to you!
gma said…
Soar like a bird
Love and blessings to you all.

Delphyne said…
So happy to hear that your daughter is recovering - the relief and joy must be overwhelming for you!
Lizbethem said…
My daughter is not quite recovered yet. It has been years. I think I know how joyous you feel.I thank God for His mercy and beg him to restore my daughter to the full life she deserves. You touched my heart today.xx
Meri said…
Homecoming: coming home. . . to oneself. Who knows the places your daughter has traveled in the maps of her mind, the detours, the side roads? So glad she has found her way home. I know she was always there, in your heart.
In Blue said…
Sending awards your way......
Gloria said…
So happy for you. May you both fly together with arms outstretched. Happiness to you and yours.
Gratitude shines from your post and brightens what is left of my day. Thank you! And may your flying-together journey continue.

Keeper of the Door
Cat said…
fly sister fly
I will see you up in the clouds

love and light
suzanne said…
and into the light you both soar...i will cast a gaze upwards and think of you both. keeping flying, my friend!
Stephanie said…
How be flying so high, both you and your daughter. May this be only the beginning of days and months of soaring...


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