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Sunshine & Shadows

Ups and downs of life,
like sunshine punctuating
 April's rainy days.

Image ~ Sunshine shadows of satisfaction from 
empty Warburton's seeded bread package & orange juice glass

The ups and downs of life are as sure and perpetual as 
UK rainy days clearing to sunny spells in April!

Learning how to roller coaster the ride
is mighty tricky and one might
say takes a life-time to learn,
or not, whichever the case maybe!

Me, I'm still learning.

My love almost turned momentarily to hate
after an explosion of frayed nerves.

I always get nervous at worming time,
Dougal dog, he always outwits me and
always detects the worm tablet,  
always manages to detach
it from the rest of his food and spit it out.
I was delighted when I fooled him
and dropped it into his mouth in a chunk of meat,
it never even touched the sides, 
victory short-lived -
vomited up a couple of hours later!

Still hobbling from my ankle injury, may have to go back to hospital.

Seeded toast and orange juice for breaky
Pancakes, honey and lemon for desert
followed by a minute slice of pizza for mains!
"Life is Short Eat Desert First"
Comfort eating, will I ever learn!!!

As usual I will be linking with
'Haiku my Heart'

Ink & Chai
'Keeping it Real'


Ramesh Sood said…
Sunshine puctuating.. beautifully crafted haiku..I can walk through this punctuation without even a single the end let their be this!!!!!!!!!!!........!
Monica said…
punctuating! perfect. we had one punctuation so far. sigh :)

sorry the ankle is still misbehaving. sending healing thoughts.

have a sweet weekend sue, here's to dessert first!
Libby Rodriguez said…
Amazing photo! You are really inspiring me to experiment more with photography and not just snap shots of the every day variety... your haiku, of course, "works" with the photo perfectly! Plus, it is a great haiku in its own right! I do feel inspired :)
Lovely haiku ~ and awesome photography ~thanks for sharing, namaste, ^_^ ~ linked with Haiku My Heart
rebecca said…
my darling one,
i have been keeping you very close to my heart all week. to have you here singing in the a comfort.
Karen said…
Gotta love that sunsine when it pops up.
Fallingladies said…
Smiling here at your haiku, your wonderful words and your photo! I need to eat dessert first more!
My dear Sue,
Life is filled with Light and Shadow isn't it. I am so sorry. I didn't know that you were injured. I haven't been blogging haiku while working on the thesis. My thoughts are with you. I love your soul expression with the shades of gray in your template and the burst of color in your photography. It is as though your spirit is finding expression and seeking light even in a dark time. It is who you are. It is beautiful. Please keep in touch dear.
Hope you don't have to go back to hospital. Ah yes sunshine and shadows. Dogs can be tricky.
mel said…
yippee for dessert first...those are the best sorts of meals...

had to giggle at the Dougal dog outwitting the pill...that's a skill usually reserved for cats...he must have studied under a Master. :) (also love the name Dougal)

Stephanie said…
I am laughing at your pups worming pill. I am amazed that Melly can find the pill buried in the treats and eat around it to deftly spit it out.

hope your ankle is better and you are back to downward dogs soon.

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