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Grey & Red

Try accents of red
to energise dull grey days,
this dress fits real close!

Greys ~

going backwards to winter,
bills rise, income lowers,
my girl's not responding to medication,
too many nights of insomnia,
not sure of future moves!

Reds ~

Housemartins have flown back all the way from Africa,
are weighing up the cottage eaves as a possible home,
they must be optimistic about summer!

My love spotted a water vole on our stream bank,
they are at risk in this area.

I had a great evening listening to the fabulous
Acoustic Angels whilst feasting on 
mushroom stroganoff. 

 and of course,
my love affair with light and lens, still as strong as ever!

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lovely expressed words ~ hope your daughter will be well ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^
Boho mom said…
great lists....and a beautiful blog!
thoughts of healing to your daughter.
Monica said…
sorry to hear that about your girl. :( sending healing thoughts.

mushroom stroganoff is a favourite of mine. a glass of red would round things off nicely. ;)

hope there is red in your weekend.
Libby Rodriguez said…
Hope your daughter is already improved! Cool to express events in terms of red and grey...
Marit said…
I love how you deal with 'lemons' (that's the verb isn't it?) in your life... I hope your daughter is getting well and wish for a lot of red in your near future!
rebecca said…
my darling,
wear the close fitting dress...
sip with passion the deepening red.
walk out to the pond where life is burgeoning.
you are never alone.
that grey is only a swift shadow that will lift,
that all hearts will mend.

holding each of you.
somepinkflowers said…
don't you hate
when monkey chatter
keeps the brain
at night?

there is nothing one can do

red & grey
red & grey

reminds me to go make
some earl grey
in my bright red tea*cup

~~your photos
are alway so inspiring
without a doubt~~

{{ sending you
Thoughts of Strength
& Release
over that
you have no control }}
priti.lisa said…
I hope the reds squash the greys soon.
This was a very moving post...I enjoyed everything about it.
Karen said…
Hang on to the reds!
Kim Mailhot said…
Thank you for this sharing of heart and thought. Beautiful reds, shine on.
Sending light and love !
deb did it said…
gorgeousness redness!
beautiful red list. I hope your daughter's medication improves and you get a lot of snooze.
gma said…
Gray needs my age gray disappears into the background without RED! I so appreciate your love affair with light and lens. lovely.
Spadoman said…
Balance. The grey, the red. Yet I would like to see less grey matter in your life, so I'll ask for positive energy to reach you and heal any wounds and discomfort for you and all you hold dear.
Writing about it might be helpful. Sharing it is appreciated.
The best to you and yours Ms. Foxy

A lot of Peace sent your way
Stephanie said…
This is beautiful Sue. Sending you and your daughter light and love.

I help put together Pecha Kucha events and your photos would make such a wonderful presentation...just saying.


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