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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ode to Little Bud

There there my little bud, your time will come quite soon,
sun will banish dark grey clouds, the murk, the rain, the gloom,
your frilly skirts will then unfurl as warmth replaces cold,
you'll rise again and bloom again
as springtime days unfold.

(Ode to my little bud, my girl, who is still quite ill.)

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Meri said...

Oh - I hope she's better soon. We've had bronchitis coughing its way through our house and there seems to be a lot of nasty stuff going around.

Stephanie said...

perhaps a what you should do with your gorgeous photos...


rebecca said...

dear beautiful soul,

your mother's poem to your dear sweet girl sings with devotion and truth. may the clouds lift, may your dear sweet bloom come into her own and know comfort and belonging.
i adore you and continue to hold you both ever so close to my heart.

Monica said...

beautiful and so touching sue.

rebecca said...

good morning my darling one,
i am checking in on you and yours. holding you so close wanting wholeness and goodness to awaken from the core outward.
you are precious to me.