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Virgins, Creativity & Gratitude #5

 What a day we've had, 
sunshine, rain and snow!
 Its been a day of contrasts
first bright light, next the sky as dark as doomsday, 
the sun  throwing sultry beams of light my way.
I love it!  Needless to say I could
not put my camera down!
The day rather suits my Mary I think
kinda sultry with a luminous feel.
I think I will call her
'Snow Mary'

Grateful for the invigorating elements,
feeling a part of it all, the cycle of life, I am ~

'Virgin a Day'
Recuerda mi Corazon 


The Woodwife said…
I am absolutely in love with that glorious photo you took!! So magickal!! Hey and since you are inspired to paint Mary as you said on my blog - go for it!!! Paint Mary, paint Mary, paint Mary.
priti.lisa said…
I think I like this Snow Mary the far:)
*jean* said…
what a gorgeous post...thank you
Vintage Green said…
Beautifully frosted. Maybe they are hugging to get warm.
Lenora said…
your Mary is beautiful - I always love gold and gilt..
Miss Robyn said…
I was just thinking that I might paint Mary today... and here we are xo - beautiful
Noelle Renee said…
This is just stunning. I felt like a child in awe looking first at the window and the weather outside and then your beautiful sketch of Mary with the snow behind her. Just luminous. It was like a whole new world had opened up. It was the offering of a sacred moment. Thank you dear. So lovely, so soft, so blessed.
rebecca said…
dear sweet sue,

oohhhhhhh yes! i think you have us all with your snow mary!

thanks for all the enchantment of you!
She changes with the seasons, but her love stays the same!

Affectionate Madonna
gma said…
Loving your luminous 'Snow Mary'
yes part of it all...
Love your photo and Snow Mary. Cold in So Cal but clear. See you tomorrow.
Monica said…
i love the shot. glittery rain drops, general sombre winter light, yet a bright spark of sky light.
Awesome photo ~think I missed it some how ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) ~ Happy AVD ^_^

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