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Virgins, Creativity & Gratitude #1

lead on cardboard

Today marks the second series of 
'Virgin a Day'
hosted by Rebecca over at 
Having exhausted my visual Virgin 
references last year I thought I might try to 
create my own virgins this time,
a tall order I know,
 a challenge even, but I have faith!  

I have set my intention to create 
one Virgin per day
X 12

It's been years since I picked up a pencil 
to just draw, I had forgotten how
 satisfying this can be.

What came up from this drawing?

Yes I'm grateful for coming to 
appreciate the beauty of simple
in a complex world.

Intention:   Seek out simple solutions.

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rebecca said…
dear sue,

truly...i am humbled! the idea of making these twelve days so intimate and soul searching a practice is illuminating indeed. i love your madonna and child. there is a presence here that is so calming.

thank you also for sharing your gratitude day by day.

i love your discovery today of simplicity and seeking simple solutions.

i love you sue and your enormous mothering heart.
Stephanie said…
Your idea of simplicity and seeking the simple solution is heartening...the lovely drawing is simply beautiful!
Vintage Green said…
I can't wait to see more.
The Woodwife said…
It is great that this inspired you to draw!! Can't wait to see more.
Awesome drawing ~ lovely yet filled with depth ~ thanks, namaste, CArol (A Creative Harbor)
You may not have picked up a pencil in years, but what you drew is enchanting. I look forward to more. I also like how you have woven gratitude in with the twelve days. Lots of food for thought.
Meri said…
Oh my gosh -- I'm awed by your undertaking!
Spadoman said…
Dear Ms. Foxy.. She is beautiful. Her simplicity just makes her more intrigueing. I love it. I know I am drawn to Mary for several reasons. My mother loved Mary so, and I believe she has lead me to a more peaceful existence over the years, but the biggest drawe l;ately has been the art. I don't believe there can ever be something with her image that I didn't like. Yours is grand.

Peace, Love and Hugs dear friend, and thank you for your support during my recent heart episode.
Noelle Renee said…
Dearest Sue,
Such love enveloped here in the mother's face in in the face of the child seeking its mothers embrace. The drawing is simple; it is also deeply heart opening. Beautiful. What a lovely meditation.
So glad you are here.
Paula Scott said…
Bravo(a)! I hope you do meet your challenge as I am selfish and would like to see what you come up with each day.
There is much love in both these faces...

Lady Light
peggy gatto said…
beutifully created, soft and loving!
gma said…
Seek out simple solutions is the best advice I've heard all day.
Your drawing is lovely.
Monica said…
i LOVE that it got you to pick up a pencil again, and that you found it satisfying.
it's like honouring a part of ourselves, saying, i haven't forgotten you completely.

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