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Haiku for Virgins, Creativity & Gratitude #2

Yesterday's 'intention' ~ seek 'simple solutions'

same Virgin new light,
 rainbow's aura surrounds them,
all wrapped in softness
lead, cardboard, natural reflected light 

I'm enhancing my Virgins
as the days unfold,
a different light 
a different layer maybe, 
we'll see what the moments bring!

I'm grateful for all soft souls who
enhance my life and make me feel loved 
in this sometimes harsh world.

Intention:   Seek to reflect soft mother love.

'Virgin a Day'


Monica said…
ah, soft mother love. something that is so fundamental in our broken world. something so fundamental to our children.
something so fundamental to ourselves.
rebecca said…
good morning dear friend.
i love your days of gratitude so much. they cause one to pause and reflect on the essence of all that truly matters.
thank you for your soft perfect light in my heart.
i love sharing life with you.
Soft mother love ~ what we all crave and need ~ comes from within ~ lovely creations ~thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)
Kim Mailhot said…
a rainbow aura is magical, Sue. Love that.
Happy Friday !
somepinkflowers said…
oh my!
you drew that?
such perfect matching of words...

i feel the glow
from here
this day down in Cold florida.

{{ i am not An Actual Mother
you would never
know it
looking around... }}
priti.lisa said…
This is a beautiful drawing...I love how they are nestled in so tightly together. Wonderful post♥♥♥
Helen Campbell said…
Wonderful drawing and haiku.
Meri said…
Hugs to save for cold times!
Vintage Green said…
Such a sense of peace.
That small hand......
Spadoman said…
I know I am going to love seeing the transformation of Mary as the days unfold. Let there be light!
I forgot about haiku Friday until I went to Rebecca's place. I added one to my Virgin a Day post.

TheRosaryLady said…
Very aesthetic. Peace be with you!
peggy gatto said…
Enchanting idea!!!!!!!
I can't wait to see next!!!!!!!
*jean* said…
what a beautiful intention...and drawing.
Annie said…
Lovely cool blue light provides a mystical halo.
Here's your Zen koan for the day: If the light changes, is the Virgin the same?

haiku on Friday
a handful of syllables
scattered heart to heart

My Friday Haiku
Noelle Renee said…
Well I love you Sue and I am so glad that you are a part of our lives. So glad that your openheartedness has made a change in all of us. I love your drawing and its transformations.
phil said…

Gave me chills
Haiku-ed right thru my heart
is a day
of gratitude
for sharing yours...

xox - eb.
That's such a great idea to enhance your first drawing. I liked day 1 and day 2 has a new softness I love.
Stephanie said…
What a lovely idea...that your virgin will grow, day by day.


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