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Haiku my Heart #5

sweet child remember
on the 5th of November
be-dazzled by light

These pics are a few years old now, but I love to reminisce at this time of year.  I have such lovely memories of those moments with my camera capturing the wonderment of the child, it transports me back to my own childhood and the thrill of it all. 

It started a few weeks before, begging my dad to gather old wood and rubbish in the garden so we could have a 'bonfire'.  If dad was a little slow on the up-take and didn't get round to it I knew I could always count on  Mrs Fowler, a lovely lady who lived just below with her six children, she always made all the kids welcome.  I also knew she would have a tray of homemade bonfire toffee and that she would throw a spud or two into the fire for us to eat after the rapturous event.

The weeks leading up to 'the night' were very exciting, our local paper shop displayed the fascinating little packages of promised thrills in the window. On the way home from school I would stop for a while and gaze at the possibilities.  Friday night, pocket money night, I got to choose my favourite delights when mum went to pay 'the bill'. Mr Lindley was very patient with me as I asked him 'would he take the big box from under the glass counter for a closer look to choose?' I'm sure the queue of people behind didn't mind!

There was just one downside to it all as I remember, those horrible jumping jacks, and Mrs Fowler's two boys.  I didn't buy any myself, but I knew full-well they would be lurking there and planting those 'evil little imps' in the most unsuspecting places at whim. I still 'feel the fear' the more I tried to get out of their way the more they seemed to be jumping right behind me!!!  


PS  'My love' just reminded me from a boy's perspective, there was nothing more exciting than to get those little 'jumping jacks' to jump up the girl's skirts!  I'm glad to say they have been banned now in the UK!


Kat Sloma said…
Oh, I love your story. So wonderful. You are definitely a writer too! The haiku paired with three photos is so perfect.
Spadoman said…
Our wonderful hostess for Friday Haiku My Heart is away, but I have been traveling around the usual participants. I see you wrote Haiku today, and it is very nice. I especially love the story. Thanks for sharing that with us. I love a story about a photo or a moment in time. Good stuff.

Oh, and thank you so very much for stopping by and commenting, (and sending your daughter), to my blog to read about Los Dios de Los Muertos. I appreciate the visit.

Charlotte said…
I love hearing about you as a little girl, it makes me feel close to those I knew when I was a little girl like Mrs Fowler and of course my Grandad and Mama. Very sentimental :)
Charlotte said…
I thought it best to put this comment seperate due to it's dry and sarcastic nature....I wish my boys loved the celebration as much as they did back then. My boys (The DJ, Dougal and Jasper the family dogs) are much less in love with the whole November 5th celebrations... Dougal wouldn't stop shaking all night last night for the bangs and flashes of light!
Boonie S said…
I enjoyed this. Thanks.

All the best, Boonie
Carola Bartz said…
Such a beautiful story and memories of your childhood. I've enjoyed it, thank you.
Noelle Renee said…
this is a wonderful, beautiful series of photos full of energy, wonder and the mystery and magic of childhood. I am so taken with them and with the haiku. Your lovely story is such a treat. Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone.
Marilyn said…
Lovely photos and haiku and wonderful memories too. they made me think back to Guy Fawkes nights of my childhood. thank you.
Ramesh Sood said…
5th November - Festival of lights in India.. thanks, your haiku is indeed befitting.. I am getting nostalgic..

Child remembers
Sparklers in hands, and
hands full of sweets..
turquoise cro said…
I still get EXCITED at fireworks!! Fireworks and rainbows and my crows outside!!! hehe SoOOOOOo many things to be thankful for!!
pieceofpie said…
ohhh i love fireworks... and yes childhood is so enchanting... can we capture the moment in a skyburst of lights??!! yes... the photos caught the moment perfectly, found myself sighing at the remembrance... thank you... haiku my heart.believe

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