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Full Frost Moon

On this New Moon Jamie invited us to consider what feeling we wanted to invite in:- serenity, joy, inspiration, a spirit of play, adventure, sense of accomplishment or wonder?

After assembling the dream board she asks "What emotional energy infuses your dreamboard?".

To be honest I didn't want to spend ages with my dreamboard today, I just wasn't in the zone, but I was up for lazily thumbing through glossy mags, they always give me a buzz, being a photographer with a love of graphics I can just get lost in those images.

So I just tore out a few and decided to loosely lay them over some foil to see what effect they would give, didn't want to get my hands sticky today!
I was very happy with the outcome and in answer to Jamie's question I'm full of 'wonderment' at how creative you can be by just tearing, cutting and laying. 

 I suppose all those things Jamie mentioned: serenity, joy, inspiration, a spirit of play, adventure and sense of accomplishment have also been achieved here too.

What is the image saying to me? At this moment I have no idea except make more, because I can luxuriate in this process and feel my passion rising and that's enough for me!

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rebecca said…
i love wonderment. fascination. looking at life through the eyes of an ardent lover....

the foil makes for an alluring canvas to your spontaneous images. the placement of your scissors..perfect in their emphasis of "seeing".

as i am seeing you through the eyes of wonder and deep appreciation.

KathrynAntyr said…
I too feel like I luxuriate in the process of collage making. I like how all of your torn pieces are pulled together. There is a sense of mysteries to unravel in your collage. It is a piece I could sit and stare at for a long time.
rebecca said…
thank you sue for your lovely words....just now, filling me beyond time and miles.
are you stringing your red beads today?
Jamie Ridler said…
How absolutely delightful! I love how this month's message arrived in the process as well as in the dreamboard. Here's to more wonderment! May all of your dreams come true.
Anonymous said…
Luxuriate! Yes! I dig your board. I sometimes have to kick back when doing something I might otherwise take more seriously. Hope all your dreams come true!
Charlotte said…
You've finally come around to my way of dreamboarding! I like the assembling aspect rather than the fine art side. It's good to take a walk on the wild side sometimes. Still amazing and very creative.

C x

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