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Frame within a Frame

For Kat's group view of 
'frame within a frame'
over at 

Have you got a shot to share?


Carola Bartz said…
Wow, Sue, these are great pictures! My personal favorite is the window with the raindrops and the reflection. I need to try that.
Thank you for your nice comments on my blog. :-)
justine said…
what beautiful framing in these shots, they are lovely.
gina said…
Wonderful images -- I especially like the first one, it has a peaceful feeling that is so lovely.
Joanna said…
Nice photos. I'm curious about the second one with the rolling wheat coloured ground and the mirror fragments. Wonder where that was taken.
Kat Sloma said…
I love your use of windows as frames, looking out! Such beautiful images. Thanks so much for participating in Exploring with a Camera and for linking back!
deb did it said…
stunning shots!Each one is my favorite! and oh the colors of that intriguing last photo...draws me into it

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