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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Mary, Mother Earth and Joe

I could not put my mind to posting yesterday hearing the news about Joe,
I did spend a lot of time thinking about him and our connection and I describe this in one word
'affectionate' he always called me 'Ms Foxy', how I will miss this, and of course everyone else who knew Joe's affection will miss this too...

The other thing about Joe that floods my mind is his capacity for the spiritual
which is an even deeper connection to me. I think about the wind, his pilgrimages to the desert on his beloved motorcycle.  His great love for Mother Earth which he spoke of in connection to Mary as being a constant motherly provider, and his closeness to all of nature.  I have been scrolling Joe's blog posts to find one that's close to my heart, that describes his desert experience, his connection to the Great Spirit but it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack so many travelling posts, so what's the message here?

It seems to me that Joe never let life stand still, that he made the most of all the moments,
that he loved and lived with great spirit and was a true warrior for Peace...

If I were to describe Joe as an angel it would be

an Angel of Peace...

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readinpleasure said...

Joe was a blessing to us in more ways than one. May his soul rest in peace.

rebecca said...

dearest sue,
beautiful loving tribute to joe. you are so tight and have captured his essence in your loving words. i too spent hours reading through joe's posts just to feel nearer to him, just to hear his voice. see how he continues to connect us all?
i always grinned when i read his comments to you and got to the Ms. foxy part. so dear. i am feeling so incredibly blessed by the hearts that gather through the blog world and find each other. grateful for the day i met you and found a sister for life.

Noelle Clearwater said...

Dearest Sue,
Such a comfort to read your post for Joe. I just saw it now. Rebecca wrote me and I found a Christmas (Mary) Post and changed it to dedicate it to Joe. I was at work. I have another for Haiku Friday that I actually made for him when he was in hospital a couple of years ago. It seems appropriate now. I miss him so. Such a giant heart of a man who touched so many. Thank you for your loving and keen words about our friend.
Much Love,

somepinkflowers said...

{{ what a fine tribute
to our dear joe !!

how strange it feels sometime
to think
of all those i have met

haiku ...


like a pass code
like-minded-ness }}

hope you
& yours are well,
dear sue

suzanne said...

only knew of him through your blogs but can feel the collective sigh of loss from so many, sending love & light