Finding my Bliss

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Best of the Bunch

Picked the best of the bunch
here in paradise today,
with love!

Postcards from Paradise


Annie said...

Extraordinary. So detailed. That is one fine camera totally worthy of the eye behind it. Gorgeous.

rebecca said...

my darling sue,

how are you dear girl? i hope your garden walk filled you to the brim with all this glorious love!

the last one completely stole my heart!


Stephanie said...

beautiful bouquet of virtual blooms.


Cat said...

those took my breathe away

must go back and take them in again♥

love and light

Mystic Meandering said...

You are so talented! They are all exquisite, but #2 just blew me away! It's like a fine painting... I was mesmerized by it!

suzanne said...

those are such lovely treasures, thank you for brightening my day here. i just sewed up some pretty summer napkins for our table with the fabric you sent. thought of you this morning... xx