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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Little messages, honestly, truthfully....

The morning was the same as 
all the other mornings this April,
we sat with our mugs of tea,
the rain was pattering on the window 
for the 29th day in a row.

Dougal dog was shaking, the rain makes 
him nervous, my love lights a wood
fire to bring warmth and comfort into the lounge
the crackling and spitting logs
make Dougal shake even more.
My girl sits on the other couch, she is shaking too,
they say it could be the medication
or just that she is so anxious.

The lounge is not a pretty sight, I have started
to emulsion paint to get the place ready 
for sale, we can't afford to live
here much longer.

I write a list for the shopping and 
remind my love to make sure he gets the offers,
to which he responds,
"I'll get what I get",
to which I,
 :~( <<<

After they have gone I'm sat stunned and silent,
not at all in the mood for painting
a book rests on the arm of the couch...

this last couple of days,
after our breakfast
I have been picking it up and 
reading passages out loud from it,
reading from where the page happens to fall open,
in an effort to give my girl
some positive messages of hope for the future.
Funnily enough just opening the page randomly
seems to always  impart some wise words,
something needed at that time.

So today sitting all alone and feeling the fume over a
 tense outbreak, I turned and noticed the book,
I picked it up, opened randomly again,
and  began to read...

"the most enlightened beings throughout history,
 told us to love others, ....... give negativity to others,
you will receive negativity back"- 
 Secret the Power - Rhonda Byrne
I realised at that point
I was giving out tense, anxious and insecure vibes to
my love, which in-turn bounced right back at me!

I have a personal mantra -
'What I need will be given to me in the 'Moment'

I have been trying to maintain this attitude under severe stress,
and it has really helped me, whenever I feel a need
there seems to always be little messages
popping up, could be an uplifting comment, 
some inspiring post or video, an email
from a blogging friend or
Postcard from Paradise

Keep a lookout for your own
'little messages'.

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You are not going to believe this, I have just gone to my email
LOOK at what a friend sent me at the same time
I was writing this post,
yes even the faith pic had been posted!!!

A Dog named Faith
A dog born with only two legs,
his owner was going to have him put down,
but instead felt pity and trained him to walk upright like a human!

The message ends this way ~

"In life there are always undesirable things,
so in order to feel better you just need to look at life from another direction.
Faith is the continual demonstration of the strength and wonder of life."

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


the entrance to the sanctuary door
is inside you.

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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ode to Little Bud

There there my little bud, your time will come quite soon,
sun will banish dark grey clouds, the murk, the rain, the gloom,
your frilly skirts will then unfurl as warmth replaces cold,
you'll rise again and bloom again
as springtime days unfold.

(Ode to my little bud, my girl, who is still quite ill.)

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Friday, 20 April 2012

Sunshine & Shadows

Ups and downs of life,
like sunshine punctuating
 April's rainy days.

Image ~ Sunshine shadows of satisfaction from 
empty Warburton's seeded bread package & orange juice glass

The ups and downs of life are as sure and perpetual as 
UK rainy days clearing to sunny spells in April!

Learning how to roller coaster the ride
is mighty tricky and one might
say takes a life-time to learn,
or not, whichever the case maybe!

Me, I'm still learning.

My love almost turned momentarily to hate
after an explosion of frayed nerves.

I always get nervous at worming time,
Dougal dog, he always outwits me and
always detects the worm tablet,  
always manages to detach
it from the rest of his food and spit it out.
I was delighted when I fooled him
and dropped it into his mouth in a chunk of meat,
it never even touched the sides, 
victory short-lived -
vomited up a couple of hours later!

Still hobbling from my ankle injury, may have to go back to hospital.

Seeded toast and orange juice for breaky
Pancakes, honey and lemon for desert
followed by a minute slice of pizza for mains!
"Life is Short Eat Desert First"
Comfort eating, will I ever learn!!!

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'Haiku my Heart'

Ink & Chai
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Friday, 13 April 2012

Grey & Red

Try accents of red
to energise dull grey days,
this dress fits real close!

Greys ~

going backwards to winter,
bills rise, income lowers,
my girl's not responding to medication,
too many nights of insomnia,
not sure of future moves!

Reds ~

Housemartins have flown back all the way from Africa,
are weighing up the cottage eaves as a possible home,
they must be optimistic about summer!

My love spotted a water vole on our stream bank,
they are at risk in this area.

I had a great evening listening to the fabulous
Acoustic Angels whilst feasting on 
mushroom stroganoff. 

 and of course,
my love affair with light and lens, still as strong as ever!

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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Pink Vino

I have a date with good words, good wine 
& rose coloured glasses!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Sometimes I See You

In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty how to make poems. 
You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you,
but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.” ~  Rumi

Friday, 6 April 2012

Keeping it Real #2 ~ TLC

It's a cozy kind of day,
maybe the blanket of snow outside has something to do with my feeling,
then Chill Radio is playing the familiar,
I'm soaking up these pleasant moments , we're taking 
the mutts for their yearly jab 
in about an hour, speaking of mutts, Dougal has now started shaking and crying at the snow!
My love says I mustn't re-enforce this behavior by closing the curtains and switching the 
radio volume higher!

I say he needs TLC....
I need TLC....
Tea lots of cups!   LOL

Back from the vets, my happy mood has evaporatednot because Dougal 
was shaking and shivering every second of the way through a snow storm,
or because of an imminent expensive dog dental appointment, 
but my sensitive heart was floored again, 
a woman with a tiny chihuahua pup and two small children went in before us, 
the mum was distressed sighing all the time she was waiting saying 
" how long are they going to be?",
the little boy said "he's going to die isn't he?",
they came out of the consulting room empty handed. 
The boy said " is he dead?"
all was quiet,
I dare not ask,
my love said ~
" you can't keep track of each falling rock"  ~  Cohen.
No need to remind me,
I know life is lost everyday
in scary and tragic circumstances
men die, women die,
children die, babies die,
ruin mingles with miracles,
but this was my experience today,

I felt it deeply!

These are retrospective thoughts
from Wednesday, I don't want to leave
you on a sad note as it is Easter, the time of hope and renewal and today is a beautiful new one, so I'm re-posting my thoughts from last Easter 
My yoga practice usually leaves me a little lighter, 
this week we focused on the 
heart chakra gratitude meditation,
I left my class with a feeling 
of belonging to something greater than self!

Often times when my mind is busy,
 all thoughts running riot,
I can feel overwhelmed, 
I find sitting and focusing 
on the breath soothing and comforting.

Happy Easter 

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Thursday, 5 April 2012


Pat a cake, pat a cake,
a present from Queen of the Heavens,
quickly savour the moments
before she drenches them with rain drops,
 washes them away!

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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Another Day ....

When  mists of drowsiness clear
 I start feeling the pulse of another day, 
whilst my pendulum heart keeps swinging
 always rising and falling, 
still this wonderful beating, in all seasons, 
fair or not .....