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Beautiful Water under the Bridge

Yesterday whilst editing a few of my images ready for canvas,
I came across this from last year and was about to delete
but got caught in the memory, suddenly I fell in love with the image and the memory all over again. Last year was full of walks with my love and the boys to our special place, a row of five little ascending ponds in the grounds of our beloved Hardwick Hall. These were special times, me being in love with capturing every reflection that spoke to me in those pools of colour.
This year has been so different what with the incessant rain and other
restraining obstacles, but these images are like gold-dust to me, they immediately
transport me back to one of the most beautiful periods of my life.
I can retrace my steps to Paradise in the click of a mouse!

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. 
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” 
 ~ Rumi

Sending my memories to ~>
Postcards from Paradise
Recuerda mi Corazon


joanne said…
lovely image - photo and love happy paradise is just a step away...
Karen said…
A lovely dream like image!
Such a stunning image and post so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing this beauty.
Very creative photo ~ and post is endearing ~ and you print your photos on to canvas yourself? ~thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)
Stephanie said…
i hope these beautiful golden times visit you again soon. In the meantime breath in the golden reflections.

Aren't you glad that you looked at the photo a second time? :)

San Miguel Shadows
rebecca said…
my darling sue,

your stories of ponds and long walks through the surrounding land of your home fill my memories too. especially the ponds, but always the light. you seem to capture the light no matter what season, no matter how dark the shadows. you have a gift for light and radiant love.
so glad to call you friend.
Introverted Art said…
this image is stunning. So peaceful and serene.
Melinda said…
beautiful photo...a picture is truly worth a thousand words isn't it?
Kim Mailhot said…
Gold-dust memories indeed. This image is magnificent !

Have a great MOnday, Beautiful Sue !
somepinkflowers said…
how wonderful you discovered
the images
and did not delete!

if this one makes you happy
i hope you print it out
place it
where you will see it often...

{{ guess what?
i LOVE there is a place
named this-->
~~Hardwick Hall~~
it sounds
like a place
Ripe for adventure... }}
Mama Zen said…
Gorgeous image!
Annie said…
I can't help but think - the earth above the sky below. Heavenly image.
Miss Robyn said…
beautiful. this year, is a time for many of us to shed that what is not needed.. we may not know why things are happening at the moment, but it is all part of our journey. hard as it is. know that I am across the big pond.. holding your hand.. while we journey together.. and soon... we will be holding hands in real life. xo
Cheryl said…
This is a beautiful melancholy photo. I can almost feel you reminiscing as I enjoy the reflection in the water.
Carola Bartz said…
Stunningly beautiful, Sue. It's so good that those memories and good feelings are only a mouse click away.
Cat said…
love how an image can do that
the power of the senses
the image is gorgeous

love and light
Lady Cordelia said…
I love Rumi!

And that image....
Oh. my. goodness.
Wow I totally love that image!

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