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Spiritual Sunday #4 ~ Processing 'my' Truth

I had a visitation yesterday,
ghosts from the past came by my way,
they beckoned me
 "return through the door",
a door I'd closed and bolted before!
They said life's
 safe and secure in this room,
being momentarily tempted back to the
I stopped myself sharply in my own track,
I know no use in looking back.
That residence has a price way too high,
abandon my truth, my own heart deny!
(do you see my little heart hanging in the balance up there in this image?)

Yesterday I became unhinged for a while, 
after a former religious acquaintance called
 wanting me to return to 
a way of life that I had rejected. 
We all have our own mental anguishes, 
from time to time these old ghosts revisit and
 I have to put mine to bed once more
 in order to continue down the path of my truth,  
the path that has a heart without the price tag of  
'restricted freedom of thought'. 
(the expression thereof!)

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rebecca said…
oh sue...your pictures are soul stirring, mystical and alluring. thank goodness we have a seekers heart to find truth, beauty and light in each ordinary moment. this is holy, this moment, this mindfulness, this belonging.

i love your light.
Rejecting the ghosts from the past is the primary reason my sister refuses to have anything to do with Facebook!
Carola Bartz said…
And you are right to walk your path and seek your very own truth and stay true to your heart!
Those photos are magical, beautiful.
somepinkflowers said…
continue on
down the path of your own truth,
tender one.

i work on this daily,


{{ i, too,
""love your light"" }}
Miss Robyn said…
a former religious aquainance.. yes, I would become unhinged too.. they threaten me.. sometimes, i feel I cannot fight back.. I am here with you - holding your hand as we both walk our truth xo

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