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The Joy of Looking Back

Ocean flashing kingfisher blue
poppy silhouettes, pink perfect hue
    dandelions parachute, warm summer breeze
this has to be paradise, let me stay, please.

A post in the waiting, the days have rolled by 
and now we're breathing autumn air
I can look back and sigh!


I'm feeling a bit tentative today
tomorrow I lead my
'Letting Go Yoga & Art  Retreat'
first time ever!

'wish me luck'

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GrandmaK said…
How very beautiful!!!! Yes, these pictures remind me of the joy I feel in the rising and the setting of the sun! Cathy
Meri said…
I wish you luck -- if you need luck. But I imagine that you've got this perfectly planned and everything will go smoothly and people will be inspired. That's the energy I'm sending. . . the "good luck" is just for good measure.
rebecca said…
good morning my darling friend. such beauty here. you are such a gracious hostess on your blog "home" sharing so genuinely. i am certain you will offer a retreat that will lift up the hearts of all those who are fortunate enough to share this adventure!
i will be thinking of you everyday and look forward to hearing about this first of many journeys of the heart!
Noelle Renee said…
Coming here today was a lovely retreat in itself my dear Sue. Your images, your words and the rhythm of it all tells me that the yoga and art retreat that you will lead tomorrow will be nothing less than fabulous! Wish I were there!
from Sharon said…
Your retreat will be as special as viewing your Take Joy offering. I could drape myself in the beautiful Kingfisher blues and the softness of your words. This is a beautiful offering to all who visit your blog. And thank you for stopping by mine.

love your opening page, so colorful and bright. I use blogger and wouldn't have a clue how to make such a fun are terrific! Warmly, Sharon Charlotte, NC, USA
Miss Robyn said…
this is beautiful xo and you are leading a retreat? oh how I wish I could come xoxo

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